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Ten Things of Thankful: Something Different


The interior of a travel trailer shows an aqua-colored couch next to a dinette area

I don't know about you, but for the past six months or so, each week seems to pass very much like the others. This week, however, has had some variety, and for that, I am thankful (#1). 

2. We listed our travel trailer for sale and I'm thankful we have had good response. Although I really hoped to have a sale finalized prior to publishing this post, I will have to be content with several good leads. Hopefully one of them will pan out in this coming week. 

3. Thursday, we had a sectional couch delivered. I feel spoiled, as it wasn't really needed (so very few things in life really are), but it fits our space better than the furniture we had in the space before. 

4. In our game of *musical couches (couch in front room down to basement, one couch from family room up to front room, another couch from family room out to garage), I remembered that the back pieces of one of the couches could be removed. That made it possible to move it up the stairs. 

5. Within minutes of posting one couch on the local Buy Nothing Facebook page, someone responded that she wanted it! I thought it might be hard to dispose of, but I was pleasantly surprised. She will pick it up on Monday, so in the meantime, it is hanging out in the garage. 

6. The Buy Nothing Facebook page helps with disposal of big things, as well as small. I listed some small cans of paint samples, and once again, I got an immediate response. Someone wants to paint a portal to Narnia on her garage door! I think that is very cool. 

7. We are considering finishing our basement. In order to finish the space, though, one needs to be able to move around in said space, so (with the notable exception of taking a couch down to the basement) I've been bringing items up from the basement to donate to the local thrift store. Donating is done on a by-appointment basis, and I was able to score a reservation time next week! 

8. We visited with youngest daughter this week, and we even took the remaining boxes of hers from our basement to her apartment. 

9. The scale is continuing its downward journey, which means it didn't matter so much that I got a hole in the knee of my jeans this week. I just got a smaller pair out from the back of my closet and found that they fit perfectly! 

10. As always, I'm thankful for John. He's a great "musical couches" player!

*I don't know how universal the game of musical chairs is, and realized that readers outside the USA might not understand the reference. Musical chairs is a children's game where there are a number of chairs placed in an outward-facing circle (one fewer than the number of children). As music plays, children walk around the chairs. When the music stops, which ever child is not sitting on a chair is "out." A chair is removed from the circle, and the game continues that way until only one child (the winner) is left. Of course, we weren't really playing a game of musical couches, but we certainly moved our furniture all over the house!

What are you thankful for today? 

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  1. Yay for new things and easy disposal of the old. Here's to a quick sale of the camper and great roads ahead (hopefully soon to be COVID free). Have a blessed week!

  2. I hope you had some happy musical couches music playing during all that moving of heavy furniture.

    Yay for you, being able to step into the next size down pair of jeans. If I am not careful, I may have to go a size up. Not going to let that happen. HaHa

    I had never heard of the Buy Nothing FB page. That may be helpful here too as things progress.

    I hope you have a good day of rest. You have earned it.

    1. There might be a Buy Nothing local page for your area, too.

  3. What fun to redecorate, at least when you have the muscle around the back it up. We sometimes call it playing furniture Tetris.

    1. Tetris is an appropriate name, too. Will it fit? How can we arrange it so it will?

  4. ok...gotta stop... all I found was:
    first recorded 1875-1880
    It is also called 'Going to Jerusalem' and 'Trip to Jerusalem'
    The game is the same in the all-too-few-citations I could find.
    One reference, tied to the 'Going to Jerusalem' was it originated in Germany and was, in part, tied to the Crusades.

    ...have I mentioned I'm a clark? and it isn't simply an attraction to information, it is the mystery that exists out in the open. a certain party game such as Musical Chairs

    lol I better stop now

    Good TToT!

    1. I hadn't read your post before publishing mine, and had to laugh a bit when I saw you mentioned footnotes in your post. You definitely did a bit more digging about musical chairs than I did! Thanks for letting me know. (As an aside, I remember reading a book when I was probably 12 or 13 that was set in the time of the Crusades. I remember really enjoying the book, but I have no idea now what the plot was, nor anything more about it--like the title.)


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