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Ten Things of Thankful: 7 Years Old!

Some of the co-hosts (and family members) hold signs that spell out, "Happy 7th birthday TToT. Here's to 7 more!"

Some might think that it is incongruous to celebrate during times of crisis. 2020 certainly hasn't gone the way we would have predicted. I don't have to remind anyone of the COVID-19 pandemic nor the terrible acts that have precipitated both the current peaceful demonstrations and the violent riots. Even in the midst of the chaos, though, I do believe it is appropriate to celebrate the 7th birthday of the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop. 

The idea of the TToT was hatched by Lizzi, who explained on her blog, Considerings, that she started finding ten things to be thankful for during a difficult time in her life. She found that the simple (though not always easy) act of listing ten things she was thankful for brought about personal changes:
By actively choosing to seek the Good things – by hunting them down and dragging them out (kicking and screaming, sometimes) I was making a change in my own attitude.
She seemed to know, even then, that the TToT had the potential to be a long-lasting influence for good, because she knew the benefit of it in her own life. Go read Lizzi's first TToT post, by following this link. I'll wait for you. (If you don't go read it, my next paragraph won't make as much sense.)

I'm not sure we've reached the stage of being able to buy Australia and rename it ThankfulLand (after ridding it of poisonous creatures, of course), but I do feel like we have individually seen changes and collectively built an online community that is "genuinely for one another." And isn't that what the world needs so desperately right now? 

So, even though uncertainty and unrest swirl around us, we can take a breath and look for the silver linings in the storm. We can be unsatisfied with the status quo while simultaneously recognizing that not everything is bad. We can celebrate the Ten Things of Thankful, because we know that sharing good is contagious, and we want to make a positive impact not only on our own lives, but also, importantly, in the lives of those around us. 

Put on a party hat, eat some cake, and come join us in this celebration! It's an even bigger than usual blog hop this week, as we are joining forces with another of the original co-hosts, Kristi of Finding Ninee, for her Finish the Sentence Friday blog hop. Make sure to go visit her!

This week, I am thankful for:
1. Lizzi, who found something that worked for her and had the courage to invite others to join her.
2. Josie Two Shoes, who took over as host when Lizzi stepped down.
3. The amazing co-hosts the TToT has had throughout the years, including those who currently help me host: Clark, Dyanne, Lisa, and Pat
4. The other amazing bloggers I have met through the TToT. Each has an unique story, and I admire them for individual reasons.
5. The benefit of the exercise of the TToT. Knowing that I need to write something makes me look for things throughout the week. It's easy to find things that go wrong; looking for the positive takes more effort, but with practice, gets easier.
6. The internet, which makes the world smaller. As a child, I had various pen pals from different states and countries, and blogging is a bit like having pen pals. We are from different cultural backgrounds, and have different experiences, and yet, we can both acknowledge the differences and find the things that unite us. 
7. Readers. I'm always a bit surprised when someone (in real life) makes a comment to me about something I wrote on the blog. I understand that not everyone feels comfortable posting a comment publicly, but it catches me off-guard to realize that my words are read by not only those who comment, but also by others. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my posts. Thank you!
8. Plants and animals. Watching the garden grow, hearing the birds chirp, and petting my devoted yellow lab, Drexel, always makes me smile. 
9. My children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, and extended family members. 
10. John. He is my constant supporter and brings so much joy to my life. 

Won't you join the Ten Things of Thankful community in our celebration this weekend? Whether you have been here before or not, we welcome you, and look forward to hearing from you! 

This week's party attendees:

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  1. A lovely list of thankfuls. And thank you for your commitment to the TTOT. I haven't blog hopped for a while, but I'm happy to be here today. And Happy 7th Birthday to all involved.

    1. I'm happy you're here, too! You are part of the celebration! :-)

  2. Ohhh this is lovely, lovely, LOVELY, and thank you for linking my first (FRIST!) and the trip down memory lane. I had such high hopes for it, and even though my life changed and I wasn't involved the way I thought I might be, I am endlessly thankful to Josie and you, and everyone who has kept, and keeps it going. I have fallen out of the habit of Ten Things, but not out of the habit of seeking silver linings wherever I go. Seven years. Wow.

    1. Thank you, Lizzi, for starting the ball rolling. I thought the birthday celebration deserved a trip down memory lane (for those of us that were around the TToT then), and a history lesson for those who weren't. You are always welcome to join back in as often (or not) as works for you. :-)

  3. Having a birthday celebration was such a good idea. I so agree with #5 and #6!
    I can just picture Drexel by your side, or possibly in your way as you garden. :-)

    1. Drexel is generally a good gardening companion. The only time he is tempted to get in the way is when I fertilize the roses with fish fertilizer. Apparently the smell is tantalizing! :-)

  4. In looking back at this and seeing some of your attendees, I realize how intertwined TTot and FTSF have been for so long and I love that I can actively participate in both. Plus, I agree with you on so many levels - I love readers, the internet, and other bloggers so very much!

    1. Yes, the community of FTSF and TToT are definitely intertwined! It's always good to see you!

  5. It's been so much fun to be a part of this wonderful community!

  6. I'm finishing mine up now (and told myself I wouldn't read yet when I came to copy the link but couldn't resist), and I'm so thankful you've kept this going, that Lizzi started it, that Josie stepped in, that the simple act of finding things to be thankful for when the world seems so broken is very helpful in recharging. Thank you for you. For letting me synch up with you again for the 7th anniversary. <3

    1. I'm so glad you suggested it, and I think we should make it a tradition!

  7. Pretty darn amazing thing, right?

    Have enjoyed each post since back there in 2013. Been an honor to have been allowed to be counted as one of the hosts.

    Surely the record bears out the power of attraction as opposed to promotion, Lizzi's bloghop is every bit 'as I do rather than as I say'

    Thanks for your organizing this little soiree. (and weekly hostation)

    1. It is amazing! Lizzi started a really good thing, and I agree, that she led by example.
      Thank you for your constant support of the TToT through the years!

  8. Thanks for being such a gracious host and being pateint, Kristi. I know that I haven't been good at being present here, but do know that I appreciate you and what you do for this hop! You and all the other co-hots remind us of how important gratitude is.

    1. The TTOT is here to give everyone a place to gather and express thanks; it's certainly not a place for guilt. We're happy whenever you can join in. Don't feel bad when you can't. :-)

  9. How thankful i am for such community! And all of the other things you mention.

    1. And I'm thankful you are part of this community!


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