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Six Sentence Story: Transform

Each week, Denise over at Girlie on the Edge graciously hosts the Six Sentence Story link-up. Each week, she posts the cue word, and each week, I intend to write my six sentences. Occasionally, I succeed. This week's cue: transform.

The thoughts come unbidden in the still of the dark night, waking her up, making her pay attention to her shortcomings, while demanding she do something about them (right now!), though even the tabloids at the check-out counter graciously allow at least a month to see the promised ten pound weight loss. While crickets chirp outside the open window, she thinks not only of the stubborn pounds, but also of out-of-control areas of her house--the moving boxes still unpacked, and the unsolved puzzle of where everything should go once the boxes are empty. Of course, the unpacking is just the tip of the iceberg, because once her office/sewing room is put together, she needs to start in on projects: a blessing dress for the soon-to-be-born granddaughter; a quilt commemorating a Disney trip; the hundreds (if not thousands) of photos that need to be scanned and organized; and her seriously-neglected blog. 

Should she get up now and at least start dealing with the boxes--and maybe in the process lose a pound? No, that would just leave her tired by early afternoon; better to lie quietly and hope for sleep to come. 

Her (thankfully uncommon for her) venture into insomnia at least gives her an idea, and with a blog post percolating in her mind, her eyes close until sunrise. 

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  1. Ugh! Insomnia! Still, it does give rise to some good ideas as you show.

    1. Generally, I sleep well, but I feel sorry for those who suffer from insomnia.

  2. I live with insomnia. I get it. Good six

    1. I'm sorry you have that. It's really not fun at all!

  3. Sleep for me is like a therapy... I am refreshed...I feel bad when I see people struggling to get one. At least she could take some in the end...

    1. I feel bad for people who can't sleep, too. Most of the time, sleep comes easily to me.

  4. I guess I shouldn't have taken a peek at your post last night. (Had trouble falling asleep!)
    This sounds like it could be a combination of experiences rather than a single one. Am I right?
    A transformation of real life!

  5. Don't underestimate me. ;-) That was all Wednesday night.

  6. Excellent! (The conversion of a negative into a positive). Surely the attitude of determination to work with what is at hand and limit the non-productive crush of anymore of the (seemingly) endless supply of 'shoulds' is the best harbinger of success.

  7. Oh, no! I've had nights when I simply cannot turn off my brain. Sounds like you had the same plight. I can't even imagine having that difficulty every night.
    Hey! You've gotten a blog post idea out of the non sleep, so there's that :)


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