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Ten Things of Thankful: End of August Edition

I know it's only been a few days since I linked up with the previous Ten Things of Thankful blog hop, but since I've titled this post "End of August Edition," I'm pretty much committed to publishing it today. 🙂 Besides, being thankful isn't limited to once a week. 

1. I'm thankful for unexpected surprises--specifically, my discovery that the dishwasher has a third rack. It would have been one thing if this dishwasher came with the house and I just happened to discover the rack now, but we actually purchased the dishwasher and had it installed months ago. I vaguely remember reading that it came with a third rack, and I guess I just figured the little fold-down piece on (what I thought was) the top rack counted as a third rack. I'm still laughing, and wondering if any of my previous dishwashers had features I didn't ever find out about!

Photo: My dishwasher, with all three racks extended. The top rack is the perfect depth for lids and long utensils.
2. I'm thankful for Drexel. He reminds me to take time to play.

Photo: A super-blurry shot of a moving Drexel. He's bringing me his stuffed green frog toy.
3. I'm thankful to have (started and) finished a sewing project. My youngest granddaughter's baby blessing is this weekend, and I wanted to sew a dress for her. Though I have sewed blessing dresses before, this is the first time I used this particular pattern and the first time I attempted sewing with satin and a lace overlay. Though there were some mistakes made along the way, they were easily corrected and I'm pleased with how it turned out.

Photo: A short-sleeved, long baby blessing dress, made of white satin and a light pink lace overlay.
4. I'm thankful for the abundant quail that show up in our yard daily. Earlier this year, John consistently counted 25. Yesterday, there were 37. They are just so cute!

Photo: Some of the covey of quail on the ground around the hammock. The dirt clearing gives way to sagebrush in the background.
5. I'm thankful for the temple. We moved only about 1/2 hour away from the house we were renting, and we are in a completely different temple district. It's so nice to be so close to so many temples. Perhaps I should make it a goal to visit all of the temples in Utah. 

Photo: The white, lighted, spire of the Mount Timpanogos temple glows against a dark sky.
6. I'm thankful for prayer. My leg is feeling MUCH better, and I'm hopeful that I will be able to run the half-marathon next week. Thanks to all who tucked me into their prayers.

7. I'm thankful for books. As a child, I always had my nose in a book. As an adult, I don't read as many books as I used to, and I feel both guilty about that and guilty when I do take the time to read for fun. Oh brother, right?! Anyway, I've decided to join the local library's book club. I ordered September's book, The Great Alone, and am excited to start reading it.

8. I'm thankful for friendly people. When I was in line at a store earlier this week, I heard my name called. When I turned around, a woman I recognized from church started talking to me. I had to ask her to remind me what her name was, but she took no offense. We had a nice chat while waiting in line.

9. I'm thankful for that conversation, which gave me an idea for a future blog post. We were in a craft store, which got us talking about our projects. I mentioned that I was sewing a dress for my granddaughter's baby blessing. She responded, "Oh, so you are a seamstress!" I immediately said, "Well, I don't know about that, but I do sew on occasion." I got to thinking about different labels that people have tried to give me over the years: runner, seamstress, organist, "elegant lady," etc., and how quick I have been to not accept those descriptions. I want to expand my thoughts into a blog post, but I would love to have your input about the topic. How do you describe/label yourself, and why? Have others ever described/labeled you (in a way generally accepted as positive), but you disagreed with their assessment? Why did you disagree? 

10. I'm thankful for John. He loves me for me, regardless of label, and I love him. 

As always, please join us at the Ten Things of Thankful! The link is open until Tuesday night. 

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  1. I'm curious to hear your impressions of The Great Alone. I read it last year and found parts of it to be disturbing. How wonderful that you made your granddaughter's blessing dress: it looks wonderful.

    1. I read the book over the weekend. I agree that there are parts that are disturbing, but I thought that the author did a good job ending on a hopeful note.

  2. An excited dog is a sight to behold, but not to be photographed. The quail are lovely and lively, when i used to help at the 4H Mini Farm, i would hold the baby quail and let children gently pet them.

    That is a beautiful dress!

    One of my clients just got a new dishwasher, and it has that third rack, too. If we are ever able to get a dishwasher again, i'd love to have that feature.

    Thanks for keeping the Ten Things of Thankful up and going!

    1. Baby quail are the cutest! I would love it if I could hold them, but of course that impossible with the wild ones. :-)

  3. Thanks go to dogs and babies for reminding us of the simple joys surrounding us :)
    Speaking of babies...the dress is beautiful. I applaud anyone who can sew lace like that and work with overlays. My experience was short in my younger years and while I think I enjoyed sewing it could be very frustrating lol
    Joining a book club. Sounds like a good way to "make" yourself get back into reading. I find the same thing has happened to me. When once I read a lot, now it's finding the time!
    Glad your leg is feeling better and fingers crossed you will be able to run the race.
    It's amazing how we take for granted that others may "see us" differently than how we see our selves. The topic is an excellent choice for a post. I will ponder your #9.

    1. I took my time with the dress project, because I really didn't want to have to try seam-ripping lace!

      I decided to join the book club; I bought the first book and read it, and realized that I actually won't be able to attend the first meeting. Oh well; I'll try for the next one.

      Would love to hear your ideas on #9.

  4. Dogs. as I will say upon the slightest provocation, are perfect lifeforms.
    Its funny how they'll have a favorite toy and, when the mood strikes, go, get it and hold it out.

    Asking people for their names (when they think we should remember theirs) is something I try to get comfortable doing... I have (or believe I have) a total inability to remember names... which can be tough in the real estate business.
    (Though of late, doing a lot of open houses, upon introducing myself I will walk immediately to a yellow pad and write it down). (To my credit, lol. I tell them why I am writing it down.)

    Excellent wildlife-age.... for large birds, we're due soon for the turkeys to show up soon. Never in the summer, mid to late Fall they make their appearance. (Makes you wonder where the heck they spend summers. Its not like you hear people say. "oh look, up there! a flock of turkeys are flying north for the winter".)

    1. Fortunately, a few months ago, the ward newsletter included a map which showed the names of the the families on their houses. Of course, I still have to match the names to faces, but at least I'm starting to remember the names of my immediate neighbors. :-)

      LOL about the turkeys.

  5. I miss the quail we used to see around here when there used to be a thick hedgerow between our property and the neighbors. It looks like you have an abundant covey.
    You will have to let me know what you think of the book. Book clubs seem to vary quite a bit as to how much discussion of the book takes place. It sounds like a great way to get to know some people in the community and to make oneself stick to reading the book to the end.
    Glad your leg is feeling better.
    Can't wait to see a photo of the little one wearing that dress.

    1. I enjoyed the book, though it deals with some difficult subjects.

      Hoping for a good run on Saturday!

  6. The dress is beautiful -- even more so as it is an act of love.


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