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Ten Things of Thankful: Snowy Day Edition

Photo: Snow covers the limbs of shrubbery and an oak tree

Snow started falling last night, and shows no sign of stopping. The beautiful white flakes blanket the limbs of the oak trees outside. The gentle descent of the falling snow mesmerizes me, and I desire nothing more than to sit quietly in my warm house and gaze out the window. 

I'm thankful for the beauty of this world.

I had other plans for the day: John and I have tickets to Sundance Film Festival. We actually went last night and watched a documentary shorts program. Though our travels were uneventful, the weather did make for a slower trip home than usual. This morning, we made the decision to just stay home. 

I'm thankful for fun evenings.
I'm thankful for safe travels.
I'm thankful for quiet days.

Photo: A newspaper, wrapped in an orange plastic bag, sits on the dry part of the driveway (under the eaves and next to the garage door). Snow covers the ground and bushes next to the driveway.

When I went outside to bring in the newspaper this morning, I discovered it right up against the garage door, under the eaves, and protected from the snow.

I'm thankful for a thoughtful paperboy.

The painter called this morning and said he was at our house (the one we will be moving into later this year), and that the roads were slippery, and asked if he could leave his big work truck in our driveway over the weekend. Of course, I told him yes, and asked if he had a way to get off our hill. He said his wife could pick him up in their truck (which apparently handles the snowy conditions better than his work truck.)

I'm thankful for dedicated, considerate workers.

Photo: A house in the process of renovation. A black garbage can and orange buckets sit in the room, as well as various other odds and ends. The point of the photo is the color on the walls: a deep sky blue color (Blue By You) in the dining area, and a tan color (Puppy Love) in the adjoining family room.

When I was at the house yesterday, before the storm arrived, I was happy to see the progress the painter has made. We had the trim throughout the house painted a bright white (and just doing that much made a huge difference), but yesterday most of the color was on the walls, too. Every change makes the house seem more like our home. 

I'm thankful for the ongoing transformation.

Before I went to the house yesterday, I took Drexel to GooGooDogs for a bath and nail trim. That's the second time I've taken him there; the workers just ooh and aah over him. They confessed they lost track of time while brushing him, because he is so well-behaved. His charismatic charm got him extra attention, which with any luck will translate into fewer dog hairs on my floors (though that would be miraculous!)

I'm thankful for a clean, good-smelling dog.

It dawned on me this week that Drexel is a more frequent client of professional grooming services than I am, so I decided maybe I should schedule a haircut for myself (not from GooGooDogs, though). Shep Studio is for humans, not German shepards, but they did as good of a job with my hair as GooGooDogs did with Drexel's fur. 

I'm thankful for a much-needed trim.

Photo: The view out my front window. Snow covers the yard, the street, the neighbors' yards and houses, the cars, the trees and bushes--snow is everywhere!
At least an hour has passed since I started this post. I keep getting distracted by the falling snow. It is truly beautiful. As it continues to snow, John and I both keep saying how we made the right call in staying home today. I love the fact that we are happy together, no matter where that together is. We don't need the excitement of a film festival to be happy; happiness most often comes in the quiet, calm, everyday moments--like today's snowy day.

I'm thankful for John, and all our happy moments together.

What are you thankful for this week? Are you experiencing snow? 

Please consider joining the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop. We welcome all, and spending time focusing on the positive is a great exercise!

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  1. Arrgggh, my comment just vanished into thin air when I hit publish! Let's try that again...

    I was also mesmerized by the incredible beauty of the snowy scene from your windows! There will always be something magical about fresh snow, so clean and so nicely softening sound! It is lovely to look at, though the cold and ice don't go well with my old body. I still recall how much we enjoyed days like this when I was young!

    I love, LOVE the progress on your new house and the colors you've chosen! Our livingroom/kitchen/hallways are currently a lighter shade of skyblue at Papa Bear's request. It is very calming. I like white trim too, it brightens everything up.

    It was really thoughtful of your painter to call and ask if it was ok he left his truck in your driveway. It only takes a few minutes to be courteous and it's something more people should practice.

    The Sundance Festival would be fun to attend, but I'm glad you got home safely and decided to forgo it to stay in safe and warm today. Like you, I am happiest when I am with Papa Bear, we don't need to be doing anything special to make it good.

    I am sure that Dexel has no problem becoming a favorite at the groomer's. From what we can see of his personality through pictures, he has the friendly ways of a charmer! Pet fur is an ever present reality in a house with five cats, four of which have long hair, no matter how much brushing we do.

    I also chuckled at Drexel having more grooming appointments than you, my grocery cart has a similar trend, with more cat food and supplies, than for humans. I am often asked by cashiers how many cats I have, and they probably also think we eat an awful lot of tuna and chicken. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed week ahead, Kristi, thank you for being such a faithful participant at TToT. XOXO

    1. You're so sweet to leave such a detailed comment--especially since the first one vanished! I'm glad you're enjoying seeing the house updates; I love seeing the changes, but don't really know how interesting it is for my readers, so it's nice to hear you like it.

      Thank you for keeping the TToT hop alive! :-)

  2. Snow is beautiful, although our swamps are not accustomed to it and it’s been difficult here. That is a precious thing that you and your husband are happy to be together at home or elsewhere.

    We’ve had a guest dog here, and i didn’t want to mention to his “parents” that he really did need a bath!

    1. Drexel was definitely "ripe." He smells much better now!

  3. Yes, it's been snowing here all day. I had a meeting this morning, but I've enjoyed being home, warm, and safe since noon. I'm thankful this year's snowfall hasn't even come close to last year's massive accumulations.

    1. I think it has finally stopped now, but it snowed all day. We can certainly use the moisture.

  4. This is a wonderful list of thankfuls. I think it is cool that you had tickets to the film festival. Did you see any good films?

    1. We watched a documentary shorts program, and for the most part, I enjoyed the films. They were varied in topic. One followed a man who was a trader of goods in a community that used potatoes as currency. Another showed a young girl who was training to be a horse-back gymnast. Yet another examined the life of the director's father, who died at a rather young age. There were probably 6-7 films in total.

  5. "so I decided maybe I should schedule a haircut for myself (not from GooGooDogs, though). Shep Studio is for humans, not German shepards,"
    snow is certainly enjoyable to watch, especially the initial process.
    looks like good progress on the renovation!

    1. The salon name provided me a perfect set up for that chuckle!
      The renovation is at a rewarding stage now, where progress looks like progress. :-)

  6. Snow is so beautiful as it falls on the trees and rooftops. And the brilliant white against the blue sky. Lovely. Until it's not. Lol. Glad to connect back here with you. Your new house looks like it's going to be comfortable and homey. It's nice to have time to get it the way you want it before you move in. The haircut story made my chuckle.

    1. I've thought about that haircut--I don't think I've psycho-analyzed myself so much in a while--and it might even get its own post sometime!

  7. What a beautiful list of thankfulness! The snow is beautiful in your photos, especially where it is lining the branches of trees and bushes. It's good that though your travels were slower, they were safe.

    It's always nice to have a clean pooch! It seems when they smell bad, they smell really BAD. It sounds like you have a great place to take yours for his cleanup.

    1. I am glad to have found Goo Goo Dogs; Drexel's next appointment is already on the calendar.

  8. Snow often is quite beautiful, especially after it's been falling awhile, enough to dress the trees and bushes:) Thankfully, there has been no snow in over a week here. 64 today in Virginia! Crazy weather.
    How indulgent of Drexel to allow the groomers to work his coat extra:D
    I bet he felt great afterwards.
    You and John must be getting very anxious the closer your renovations come to completion. How exciting to see it go from "before" to your "after".
    I'm glad you and John made it safely back from the festival. It's never your own driving in the snow, it's the other guy you have to look out for!

    1. 64 isn't the normal winter temperature in Virginia? ;-)

      Here in Utah, I'm afraid I might be the other guy when it comes to snow driving! I know what to do, but I'm not super familiar with driving in snow.

  9. That Blue By You color speaks to me! I may just hang out in the dining room when I come. :-) What a kind paper deliverer you have! It sounds like both you and Drexel got the royal treatment. Glad you explained that Shep Studios is for humans. :-)

  10. Love the image of snowflakes falling and having fallen, on trees and bushes and on top of a house.

    You and your husband are always going out for the most wonderfully fun adventures, but it is nice to hear you are able to enjoy it just as much when you decide to stay inside to watch the snow fall out your window.


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