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Ten Things of Thankful: We Made it to Utah! Edition

Have you ever started a journal and then abandoned it, only to realize years later that you want to write again, but so much time has passed and there is no possible way to adequately catch up? That is kind of how I feel about this blog. Mere months have passed, but it feels like so much has happened. Suffice it to say that we have moved from California to Utah. We are in a transition time, as our house has still not sold and we have not completely moved all our things here. I'm a bit overwhelmed when I think of all the necessary tasks I still have to complete (car registrations, driver's license, etc.), but I am chipping away at them. Every day, more boxes get unpacked and we are a bit more settled. We've been here exactly one week today (Saturday as I write this, but I have a feeling I won't get it posted until Sunday), and it is definitely time for a Ten Things of Thankful post!

1. I'm thankful for the good friends in California who helped us in so many ways. What an outpouring of love we received! 

2. I'm thankful for a safe drive here. John drove the moving van; I drove the minivan while towing a car trailer with the little Ford Anglia on it. I had never towed anything before, so I was a little apprehensive, but everything went just fine. The only thing I really had to worry about was my short-term memory, because I spent the entire 600+ miles being startled by the tail-gating car every time I looked in my rear-view mirror, only to remember that I was towing the Anglia.

Photo: (As seen by my rear-view mirror--photo taken while I was stopped at a rest stop) Suitcases and a white garbage bag are in the back of the van, while a red Ford Anglia (the Harry Potter car) appears to be tailgating me. 

3. I'm thankful for the warm welcome we received upon arrival. We met the neighbors on either side of us, and the neighbors kitty-corner on our first day here. The neighbors across the street came over and introduced themselves on Monday. They even apologized for not coming sooner, but they were on vacation over the weekend. The Andy Griffith Show might as well have named Mayberry "Provo." 

4. I'm thankful that this new place seems so familiar. Of course, John and I both lived in Provo when we were students at BYU, but that was over 30 years ago, before we were married. It's nice to return to our old stomping grounds. In fact, if we head out to the sidewalk in front of our rental house and look down the street, we can see the clubhouse of the apartment complex where we first met!

5. I'm thankful for this rental house. While we are waiting for a buyer for our California home, we decided to go ahead and rent here. It will be hard to leave! It's older than we are, quirky, and practical, and in a convenient location. 

Photo: The inside of a medicine cabinet in the house we are renting. The back of the cabinet is white, with a small slot in it, and underneath the slot are the words, "Razor Blades." Years ago, medicine cabinets had these slots for the disposal of used razor blades. If we tore into the walls of this house, who knows how many razor blades we would find?

6. I'm thankful for green Utah. When I was moving from Oregon to Utah to attend BYU, I saw Utah as brown. The mountains looked so barren to me, because I was used to evergreen trees covering the Cascades. Now, coming from the high desert of California, Utah looks so green. It's not quite the lush green of the Pacific Northwest, but I am definitely seeing more green and fewer tumbleweeds. 

7. I'm thankful for the mountains. I love a good view, and those mountains are hard to miss. I'm glad I can look out my living room window, or be in either the front or back yard, and see them.

Photo: Looking from my backyard eastward, a green shrub grows in the foreground. A red brick single-story house with a concrete patio and white wooden patio cover stand in front of the tall Wasatch Range mountains. Just above the green trees, a Y (for BYU) on the mountain can be seen.

8. I'm thankful for the quail that frequent my yard every day. I'm learning their cute calls, and I just love seeing the little apostrophes on the tops of their heads! (This photo isn't the greatest--I need to unpack my camera and practice.)

Photo: Five quail search in the green grass for a tasty morsel.

9. I'm thankful for the nearby trails, where I can (theoretically) run. One bad thing about the move is that my treadmill can't seem to fit into the house. It's sitting in the garage right now. I'm having a hard time getting back into the running habit, but I have taken some walks and have enjoyed the beautiful views. When the snow starts falling, I might just need to join a gym, but in the meantime, I have plenty of options of places to run.

Photo: The view from the trail I walked. A yellow grassy field sets the foreground. Two Mormon churches sit just below the field. Green trees and the city of Provo spread to the shores of Utah Lake. Other mountains are in the distance. The sky is blue, with scattered white clouds.

10. I'm thankful, as always, for John. He flew back to California yesterday to retrieve our other car and take care of a few errands. He'll arrive here tonight. I appreciate his sacrifice to take such a whirlwind trip. 

What are you thankful for this week? Let me know in your comments, or join in by posting your own list on the Ten Things of Thankful blog.

Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. You must live right close to where we lived while Hubby was going to BYU (2002-2006) in the "Tree Streets." Wonderful neighborhood! So glad all is well with you.

  2. We aren't in the Tree Streets, but close!

  3. Hey! Good to 'see' you! Semi-moved in.
    Have you walked over to visit Orel and Theresa Rees yet?
    What a strange real world-fictional world-real world echo I get when I look at these photos! (I've been to Salt Lake City a couple of times, never to Provo.)
    Of course, with your help, I feel I know the hills of Provo far better than I should, spending as much time as I did, going up and down the streets (on google street view). while completing 'Blogdominion'.
    Good that you have a place to get settled in. It's a fact that a 'watched house' will take longer to sell than one where the seller is comfortable in their new home.
    (My professional opinion, based on your photos, your house (back in CA) is what we call 'an easy show'. This means the strong points are clear and there are no distractions (usually thats in the form of old paint on the walls or carpet on the floor).

    1. I haven't walked up to Indian Hills yet, but if I run into Orel and Theresa I'll say hi! :-)
      I hope that the house will sell quickly now. Thanks for your encouraging words.

  4. I was just wondering if you had made the move. I'm glad your trip to Utah went well even with that pesky tailgater!

    1. Thank you. We're getting settled in now, but it is certainly a process.

  5. Oh yes. I can identify with your feeling about your blog. I too have been absent but not for such a momentous reason :)
    Moving out of state, even to a familiar place, is overwhelming. Maybe more so going to a place you once lived. You and John are no longer the people you were when you lived there so no doubt there's still that an echo of "newness" there.
    How thoughtful and nice that the neighbors stopped by to welcome you to the neighborhood. I wouldn't mind living in a Mayberry my own self lol Small, neighborly...sounds good to me!
    You made me laugh about the tailgating. That surely must have freaked you out the more tired you got. I'm glad that you and John had an uneventful (hopefully) and safe trip. Driving with such loads is very stressful and it sounds like you had a rather long trip.
    The pictures are great. The view from you house incredible! I've always been an ocean gal but wow. Just magnificent to look out at that everyday.
    I wish you and John health and happiness in your new home. It's always exciting when there's opportunity to begin a new chapter in life :)

    1. Yes, the trip was uneventful (another thanks there!)
      I know I might be singing another tune come February, but I am looking forward to seeing snow on those mountains.

  6. Glad your trip went well. That is a funny story about a tailgater :) It sounds like you have settled in a nice area with kind people.

    1. Thank you. I couldn't believe how many times that glance in the rear view mirror got me!

  7. Our lives have so many parallels: I met my sweetheart in that same clubhouse in Provo, I moved to Oregon because I loved all the green, then moved to Golden Hills in California. It's not that long ago that I towed a car across states. Love you.

    1. If you and Christie want a walk down memory lane, you're welcome to come stay with us! Some things have changed, though: Stan's is now a Sodalicious.

  8. Harry Potter car. Haha.

    Not having seen you as much here lately, I still can't believe you've left California. When I think you, I think Disney Land.

    Meeting neighbours definitely helps feel more a part of the neighbourhood and I do love that you are very nearly back to where you first met each other. So sweet.

    Good luck settling in. Glad to read what you're thankful for once again.

    1. Kerry, if you'd like to read more about John's original Ford Anglia (not the one I towed to Utah), you can read about it at this link:

      You can still think of Disneyland when you think of me. I'll be returning at least two more times this year for Disney runs. :-)

  9. Hi Kristi! I am home and finally getting around to TToT posts. I was so happy to find yours among them. I know from my many moving experiences, and my daughter selling her home, that the list of things to do connected to a move is endless and exhausting. I am glad you've reached the point of making the move to Provo and beginning this new chapter of your lives, it sounds like such a welcoming community, proving that friendly neighborhoods do still exist!

    I enjoy your perspective of the scenery after living in the high desert, with all the rain we've experienced this season I am enjoying a bit of unusual greening up too, even if the weeds grow tall faster than we can subdue them.

    I had to smile at that "car on your bumper" in the rearview mirror on the trip to Utah, that would startle me too! We once encountered a car being towed backward so every time I looked up from the passenger seat it appeared we were about to be hit head on by an oncoming car in our lane, very unsettling!!

    I am thankful that you've returned to TToT share your thankfuls and show us that even in the midst of change there are always blessings to celebrate. I like that this is the kind of blog hop where we can freely come and go without a sense of obligation and folks are always happy to see us when we return!

    Wishing you sweet times and new adventures in the months ahead, I pray daily for your home in California to sell and I know that in God's timing, it will. XOXO

    1. Thanks for the prayers--they worked! We are in escrow now, and looking forward to the time when everything is complete.


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