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Six Sentence Story: Star

As soon as I saw the prompt for this week's Six Sentence Story, I knew just the memory I could share.  The prompt:  star.

"Well, how did you like Men in Black?" he asked her, as they drove home from the movie.

As the car turned the corner, the conversation was interrupted by the sight of a very bright shooting star.  As they watched, though, that one bright light was joined by several more, and the UFOs traversed the sky in formation. 

Being logical individuals, yet having been conditioned over the past two hours to believe in aliens, they struggled to make sense of what they were seeing.  When they got home, they turned on the 10:00 news.  

Late word from the Pentagon says it was a Russian rocket that crashed into the Pacific Ocean, with debris possibly spreading over Western Washington.

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Thanks for lively imaginations, and logical explanations.

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  1. MIB was a fun movie. My mind would have jumped to aliens, too, if I'd seen the lights in the sky that night.

    1. It was such a strange sight to see, especially since we had just watched the movie.

  2. Loved all the MIB movies and I know for shure, if I was a witness of something simular, I would think UFO too... But, never seen anything like that. Not even a shooting star even.

    1. You haven't seen a shooting star? Is the Perseid meteor shower visible where you are? It might be worth staying up late one night in August to see a shooting star! :-)

  3. That was quite a coincidence. How spectacular to see that. I'm sure the movie prompted you to think extra-terrestrially. Thanks for sharing the news clip, as well.

    1. It was a coincidence! We knew it couldn't actually be ET, but it was just so strange! I was glad I thought to look on youtube for the news clip--and glad to find it there!

  4. Wow, that would have been pretty amazing to witness! Great story! And it always leaves you wondering if our government was telling the truth!!

    1. Well, there was a sequel to the movie. . . .

  5. MIB funny funny. This was good .

  6. Well there is the power of suggestion.

  7. Well there is the power of suggestion.

  8. nice true six and multi-media too!
    have not ever seen such a sight that, surely would have been interesting, especially before the 'explanation'. (lol... me? skeptic of official explanations?!! no way!)
    Given the amount of artificial things we've sent into orbit, it's surprising that this kind of thing doesn't happen more often.
    fun Six

    1. I was glad I thought to look on youtube for video, and happy to find documentation there!

  9. Yes, this is a great six sentence story. Luckily most of the junk in space does burn up before crashing or for some reason avoids built up areas!

    1. Yes, most does burn up before impact, or hits the oceans instead of land.

  10. I'm another one who loved MIB and having just seen it I would have been convinced it was aliens but then I've always wanted there to be aliens! Growing up in Michigan there was an incidence with "swamp gas".


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