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Ten Things of Thankful: Juxtaposition Edition

Juxtaposition seems to be the word of the week.  Bad things happen, and good pops out.  I am thankful for the good.  

Watch this video I shot from my backyard last evening.  While only one helicopter is visible, try to picture the half-dozen or so that were also in the sky at the time.  Most of all, listen to the sirens.  I only took about 2 minutes of video, but this sound droned on for much longer.  After you listen, I'll provide the context.

On Wednesday, in my friend's neighborhood north of here, a police sergeant was shot and killed in the line of duty when responding to a burglary call.  His body was taken to the Los Angeles coroner's office that night.  Yesterday, his body was returned to the Antelope Valley.  For 75 (or so) miles, the hearse was accompanied by police motorcycles and cruisers.  For 75 miles, first responders and citizens lined every freeway overpass to pay their respects.  And for 75 miles, the somber sound of sirens echoed.  

Yesterday was, in many ways, a repeat of Wednesday. Here is a video clip made by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department showing part of Wednesday night's procession, when Steve Owen's body was taken to the coroner's office.

In the midst of this tragic, senseless killing, what good can I find? Plenty.  

The community has banded together in support of Sgt. Owen's widow and children.  Unlike other areas of the nation, this confrontation has not sparked looting or riots.  (Now, I do recognize that the circumstances are not the same, since it was a policeman who lost his life and not the suspect, but I am still thankful that the community aftermath has been peaceful.)  

I am thankful for the safety of my friend.  I am also thankful that my friends and I were not at this friend's house on Wednesday.  We were there Thursday for a luncheon.  Had our lunch group been scheduled for Wednesday instead of Thursday, lunch would have stretched into dinner, as her neighborhood was locked down for many hours.  And while I am sure that we would have enjoyed each other's company (I am so thankful for the support of good friends), I am also relieved that we all were not so close to the action.

I am thankful for peace within the walls of my home, even when there is chaos in the world.  

I am thankful for my lunch group of friends.  We have been meeting every so often, whenever anyone has a birthday that month.  Yesterday, we decided that we need to meet more frequently, and so the latest plan is to have an after-election day commiseration luncheon.  (I don't often discuss politics on this blog; let's just say than none of our group is thrilled with this election, so no matter what the outcome, it will be a commiseration luncheon.)

That being said, we are not a woe-is-me group.  We've discussed some serious topics together, but all in a supportive, optimistic, hopeful spirit.  I am fortunate to know such good women.

I am also thankful for dogs.  Dogs make me smile.  Drexel played gracious host to fellow career-changed dogs, Dee (not to be confused with Deedee) and Striker this week.  (Disclaimer--the toy Drexel and Striker were playing with is not Guide Dog approved. I never let puppies-in-training play with it, and it is only played with by other dogs under supervision.  And, it has now been retired.)

And speaking of Deedee, I received an email this week informing me that she has been placed into her forever home.  It sounds like a perfect match, and I am thrilled!  I'm thankful for Guide Dogs for the Blind, and their dedicated puppy placement staff, who assure that the puppies get matched up well. I'm also thankful for Deedee's new family, who shared photos and videos with me.  

I haven't assigned numbers to my items this week, but my heart is full of gratitude.  As always, I am thankful for John.  He is always supportive and kind.  Though we can see negativity in the world, ours is a positive relationship, and I am so thankful for that. 

What are you thankful for this week?  There is good in the world--what have you noticed?

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Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. Wow, so sorry what a thing to happen. As you said it sounds as if you have an incredible community. On another have the Harvard grads of the canine set!

    1. It's a bit surreal to me how frequently recently I've been skirting around excitement. First Super 8, and now this.

      And yes, they are the Harvard grads!

  2. It is always a tragedy when a policy officer dies in the line of duty. So sorry to hear it happened so close to home for you - but it sounds like you have a wonderful community that really came together in support for his family.

    Congrats on finding forever homes for your guide dog and cheers to the importance of good friends to make life better. - Louise

    1. The services for the officer are going on right now, and the news is reporting the motorcade.

  3. I have said that I believe that 'dogs are perfect lifeforms' haven't I?

    (bet I have...)
    strange days are upon us.

    1. Dogs are great.
      Strange days are definitely upon us.

  4. Dogs make your Grandmother smile and laugh too! Thanks to the abundance of photos on the internet, I can usually bring a smile to her face. I'd love to somehow have a puppy by her side to distract her when I go to return home from visiting her. Some days that departure goes better than others.

    Lunch groups are just the best!

    I hope the coming week goes well for you and your family. Hugs.

    1. Do you know anyone with a therapy dog? Maybe they could show up right as you leave.

  5. I am so sorry for the not-good things in here. The world can be so frightening sometimes. But...juxtaposition. (One of my favorite words.) There is good on the other side of these things - I believe it. Even if we can't quite see it, it's there.

  6. I'm so sorry to here about the officer. Nice way of looking at the word juxtaposition. I agree that we can find God's goodness even in the midst of bad things. I'm thankful that you right this blog about being thankful.

    1. I prefer to go through life seeking the good, rather than focusing on the bad.

  7. Thank you for sharing the dogs! Dogs make so much noise when they are playing and they do just make you smile! People need to be more like dogs and just play nice together!

    1. Wise words, especially in this election year!


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