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Ten Things of Thankful: It's Been A Weird Week Edition

In order to appreciate this week's TToT post, you need to first read the post I published on Thursday.  Go ahead, do it now.  

Are you back?  Well, the excitement continued!  Yesterday, while driving to my parents' house from my grandma's house, as we got off the freeway at my parents' exit, we saw tons of police cars parked all over. "Looks like a manhunt," my dad said.  Are you kidding me?!  Dad checked the news and learned that, sure enough, a police search was on for a wanted man.  Great, just great.  This is rural Oregon, not some inner city ghetto (nor Yreka, for that matter.)

This week, I'm thankful:

1.  For the safety that is the norm for me, not the exception.  

2.  For those men and women who daily work to keep the rest of us safe. 

3.  For my parents.  We have been working hard this week, but we have laughed a lot, too.

4.  For my grandma.  Her mind is not what it used to be, but she is still sweet and pleasant.

5.  For the fact Grandma still recognizes me. She introduced me and my mom as her "daughters."  My mom only has one sibling, a brother, so I think that Grandma might have just not been able to come up with "granddaughter."  Or maybe she does think that I am her daughter.  In any case, she still sees me as family, and is still happy to see me.  That makes me happy.

6.  For the number of people who have stopped by Grandma's house to share their memories and ask how she is doing.  

7.  For the relatively cooler weather here.  Today was the second day this month that the temperature has been above 90.  I recognize that low- to mid- 90s is still hot for here, but it is cooler than at home.

8.  For cell phones.  I've been able to text and talk to John and my kids while I've been gone.  I miss them, of course, but it's nice they are just a phone call away.

9.  For the sweet memories we've remembered, and insights we've gained, as we've gone through Grandma's things.  Today we found a homemade cane that was given to my grandpa upon the birth of his first grandchild (me).  What a sweet gesture, even if it was meant a bit as a gag gift!

10.  For John.  He kept me from driving away in a van with a bad axle, and he's keeping things running well at home while I'm gone. I miss him, and I appreciate his support of me.  As much as I love it here, I look forward to returning home to John.  

How has your week gone?   Observed a manhunt or two?

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Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. Wow! I think you observed a lifetime of harrowing adventure in the space of a few days! I'm glad you were protected!
    Bless you for taking such good care of your dear grandmother! Even if she eventually doesn't fully recognize you and your mother, she will still feel your love and presence.

    1. It has been quite the week, that's for sure. My mom is such a devoted daughter; she is a great example to me. I wish I lived closer, so that I could help her more regularly with Grandma. I know that sometime she might not know who we are, but if that happens, it is the Alzheimer's, not her.

  2. Im so glad you are able to avoid the worst of all that. What a scary day that must have been Tuesday it was one thing right after another. Holy cow. I'm also so glad that your grandma still recognizes you even if she does call you her daughter. Either way she acknowledges that you're special

    1. It was a strange day, that's for sure.
      Grandma is a special person, and I'm glad to be her granddaughter, and delighted that she does still claim me as family. I know that Alzheimer's might rob her of that sometime, and I'm not looking forward to that time.

  3. there was something I read somewhere about writing, 'the stories are all around us, we simply have to be open to them'...
    the best kind of excitement, i.e not too close, not on TV

    1. There was a children's book we had when I was little called, "Nothing Ever Happens on My Block." In that book, the child complained of boredom, while all around him (her? I don't remember) exciting things were happening. I wasn't feeling bored, but I was certainly felt like my day was like that child's neighborhood!

  4. Wow, what an eventful week!! Not one but TWO manhunts in your vicinity! I'm glad you had the opportunity to help with your grandmother, it is time and memories you can hold onto for a lifetime. Love and light to you <3

    1. Thank you. I think I've had my share of manhunts for a while. I'm a little curious to see what happens on the trip back home. I'm hoping for boring and uneventful. :-)
      I've heard so many stories this week from Grandma's friends and neighbors about how much she means to them; it's really wonderful to hear.

  5. My week has been boring compared to yours. I am glad you were able to go and be with your family. We are lucky to live in this wonderful age of cell phones and texting. It really does make it so much easier to stay in touch if you aren't worrying about ugly long distance phone bills! Enjoy the cool breezes as it is really warm down here.

    1. Oregonians think it's hot here, but I'm enjoying the more moderate temperatures!

  6. Sorry I have been such a bad friend lately.
    It's good to catch up on some reading on your adventures. And boy!, do you have adventures!!! Never been in anything remotely earie stuff like that and hope to keep it that way.
    We're quite busy with all kinds of of outdoor maintenance and updating around the house. Although we're "already" living here for over 9 months, we're still in the process of making it our own.
    Hope you had a good time - altough the reason for the trip wasn't a 'fun' one - spending time with your parents and other family.
    Have a good sunday. xxxx

    1. No need to apologize; you aren't a bad friend! Sometimes life gets busy, but that doesn't mean people are less of friends. :-)
      Home repairs and remodeling takes time. I'm glad you are having fun with your new place.
      I'm having a good time. I'll go home sometime this coming week.

  7. Nope, no manhunts for me!
    What a blessing that you have had this long with your grandmother---and for your kids to have her too! Three of my four grandparents had died by my first birthday. My remaining grandmother died when I was 19. So, I am feeling envious of you. But rather than wasting emotional energy on envy, I would rather say enjoy every minute you get with the older generations!

    1. I know that I am fortunate. I didn't know my great-grandparents, but knew all of my grandparents. My children knew both of my grandmothers. Very few of my contemporaries still have grandparents alive. It was funny: this week, my grandma asked me how old I am. When I told her, she responded, "If you're that old, I don't dare ask how old she (pointing to my mom) is!" :-)

  8. You, my dear, have a guardian angel looking out for you for sure!
    Thank goodness John stopped you. That would have been total disaster - broken axle! The timing on everything was surely perfect:) No doubt you were very happy pulling into your own driveway :D
    Good list today. And I wish the best for your Grandma.

    1. Yes, I definitely seem to have had lots of protection this week!
      Thanks for your well-wishes. Grandma seemed pretty chipper today; as I pushed her wheelchair down the halls of her care center, she looked into every room and waved at each resident. :-)

  9. Your #1 is number one in my book.

    1. Safety brings a sense of security, and opens the door for courage to grow.

  10. I thought of you today when driving around town. There was a helicopter circling overhead, and some news trucks and police cruisers around. It's a normal thing for you these days, but it was novel for me. ;)
    Seriously, I really, really hope you've seen the last of such excitement for a while.
    We are truly fortunate to live in areas with so little crime.
    Glad to hear you are having a lovely, albeit hard-working, week with your parents and grandmother.

  11. Wow, that is quite an adventure! And I'm definitely with you on the first two. Sorry I missed your post earlier. I've been hugely negligent in reading and keeping up with everyone this summer. Hoping to get back to that very soon. I miss that.


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