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Ten Things of Thankful: Anniversary Edition

Jumping right in this week:

1.  I'm thankful that John and I do not play games like this:


Now, that's not to say that sometimes one of us might remember something another did not, but when we do, we don't torture the other.

Thursday was our 27th anniversary.  Earlier this month, we spent a weekend in San Diego.  The celebration closer to our actual anniversary date was a bit less traditional.  

2.  I'm thankful that John and I know that how we spend our dates is far less important than with whom we spend our dates.  The Friday night before our anniversary, our date consisted of a trip to the 99 Cents Store (where we each "splurged" on new reading glasses), followed by a stop at Lowe's (where we purchased a new toilet for our rental house--we could have purchased a lot of reading glasses for the cost of a toilet!), and then a visit to Baskin Robbins for an ice cream cone.  We both decided against the flavor of the month.  We prefer our ice cream sans popping candy, old fuddy-duddies that we are.  Not exactly a traditional anniversary date, but we both had fun.  

3.  I'm thankful that John and I know that how we spend our dates is far less important than with whom we spend our dates.  (Yes, this counts for 2--I'm sure it's in the rule book.)  Our anniversary dinner itself was not a candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant; it was a home-cooked number, planned around our neighbor's needs.  (Our neighbor just had surgery and I had volunteered--prior to knowing the actual surgery date--to bring a dinner to the family.)

4.  I'm thankful that John and I know that how we spend our dates is far less important than with whom we spend our dates.  (Come on, this is clearly not an abuse of the TToT rules!)  The Friday after our anniversary, we drove to Mojave to meet the Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy truck.  Drexel "career changed" due to distraction (a la Up's "Squirrel!"), and we agreed to welcome him back home.  Again, not exactly a traditional anniversary date, but I think it's romantic!

Drexel flying off the puppy truck.
We were happy to see each other.
Drexel will be a great pet!

OK, moving on--even though I haven't run out of examples. . . 

5.  Though I certainly don't have answers to all of life's questions, I'm thankful that we both are on the same page on many issues, and particularly regarding our marriage.  Not only do I have a companion and partner with which to navigate life, I can write what works well for us.  

6.  I'm thankful for maple syrup, for John's patience, and for being able to laugh at myself. (I'm still buying the good stuff.)

7.   I'm thankful for John's ability to calm me down.  If anyone else were to tell me, "Life is an adventure, and adventures usually work out," I'd think, "Yeah, well, you don't understand."  John says it, and not only do I believe it, I've adopted it as a personal meme.  

8.  I'm thankful for the many adventures we have had together.  

9.  I'm thankful we couldn't always anticipate the adventures ahead of time.

10.  I'm thankful for the many, many more adventures we are sure to have.  (I think I'd prefer adventures along the lines of Disneyland's "Winnie the Pooh" ride, but if I have to go on "Tower of Terror," I want John by my side!)

 photo visiting2_zps6d4521f3.jpg

 photo ThankfulThought4_zps7d9599c2.jpg
Thanks for John, and for marriage.

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Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. Happy Anniversary! That is an awesome way to celebrate. Your neighbor is quite lucky to have such wonderful people taking care! And you both are lucky to have found such a perfect partner. That is a long time to be happy together, fantastic!

    1. We are lucky to have such nice neighbors, so we were glad to help.

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Happy Homecoming to Drexel... Im sure ya'll will be very happy despite his career was an adventure and it has certainly worked out in a really happy ending even if it wasnt the planned happy ending. Congratulations to you both!!!!

    1. Thank you.

      Oh, you are right--Drexel's adventure did work out! :-) I am hoping that the next guide dog puppy we raise will go on to become a working guide, but Drexel does seem to be happy here, and we love having him back.

  3. Happy Anniversary! I really love this. The video was funny but I actually know people like that! I am with you on how I feel about my husband. He is a true partner and the only person I can imagine sharing this adventure we call life with.
    Drexel is so handsome! And I'm betting he's going to be a pretty happy pup!

    1. A strong marriage makes life so much more enjoyable, doesn't it?

      Drexel is having fun. He got to play fetch today for the first time. (Fetch is a no-no for guide dogs, since you wouldn't want a guide dog chasing a ball while trying to lead a blind person.) He's a natural!

  4. "I'm thankful that everyone who participates in the TToT knows that it's…"

    (I bet there's a cool rhetoric term for that construct… a repeating phrase forming a base with the modifications coming with each successive phrase… I love those. very cool even for just the four)
    Good looking dog there (lol… yeah, a person's inner self tends to get displayed by what they pick out of a crowded field of things.)
    I totally agree, the work and effort that goes into creating, building and maintaining a relationship is demonstrated not in the flashy demonstrations but in the knowing each other.

    1. Well, if you find out the term (if there is one), then you could suggest it to Lizzi for next year's A to Z challenge. I bet she'd really do it up right! :-)

      Drexel is back to his proper place, sitting on my feet while I type on the computer. Though I'm disappointed he didn't make it as a guide dog, I'm not complaining about him being back home. :-)

      Life is made up of unflashy moments. It's great to share them with John. :-)

  5. Happy anniversary to a couple who have the important stuff figured out - I just love this post and the way you two work together.
    Thank you for the graphic about life being an adventure - I can't tell you how appropriate and meaningful that is to me right now. Here's to adventures that work out! Praying ours does!

    1. Thanks. I'm glad that John's wisdom helps you now, too. Best of luck on all your adventures!

  6. You guys are an amazing team and that is what makes living so special...going it with someone you love.
    Oh Drexel. What a squirrel loving guy.
    Happy Anniversary!

    1. Thanks. Yes, I am so thankful to have John by my side.

  7. Happy anniversary! This was a lovely post. The video was awesome, but the message was better. And I agree - it's about who you spend your date with - you can use that as a thankful as often as you like as far as I'm concerned! - Louise

    1. Thanks for permission to use that thankful over and over again. It might just pop up on another TToT post! :-)

  8. Very well written and very said, Kristi! After almost forty-five years, I truly believe communication and honesty is the key.

  9. Yay for riding the Tower of Terror side-by-side. Happy 27th. My husband gives me perspective too. So wonderful. And Drexel is a beauty.

    1. To be clear, I haven't literally ridden on Tower of Terror. My love of Disney only goes so far. However, if I ever MUST ride, I want John with me!

  10. Oh, how wonderful! I completely support your repetition. Worth all ten, as far as I'm concerned. Happy you have Drexel home and such a good man to adventure with!

    1. Thanks. I guess I don't need to worry until the point when I don't recognize I'm repeating myself. :-)

  11. Happy Anniversary...beautiful post; your anniversary date sounded was time spent with the one you love.


    1. Thank you. John and I do have fun together, no matter where we are.

  12. Happy Anniversary to you both! A wonderful post. Bryan and I would be thrilled with a date like yours.
    Drexel is yours forever?!?! So sorry guide dog was not his strength, but what a treat for you!
    I'm all for adventures! Here's to many, many more!

    1. Because our kids are pretty much all grown-up, it's relatively easy for John and I to have a date. Weekly dates had to be defined even more creatively when the kids were little. Sometimes a date would be playing backgammon after the kids were in bed, or sometimes we would eat dinner on the porch, while the kids ate mac and cheese at the table inside.

      Yes, Drexel is ours forever. He's a "Proud Career Change Dog", according to the tag that Guide Dogs for the Blind sent him home with. I really hope the next puppy becomes a working guide, but I am happy to have Drexel back. He's a great dog. He's sleeping at my feet right now; he seems happy to be home.

  13. 1. Happy anniversary. There should be medals awarded, truthfully, to the general public.

    2. You guys have a bit of the magic there, I'd say. Being on the same page? That's better than dinner out at the OIive Garden.

    3. Who's the woman in the video? She's kinda cute.

  14. Thanks.

    Studio C is one of our favorite shows. The woman in the video is Mallory Everton.

  15. I don't know how I get so far behind in my reading sometimes but glad I finally got here -- if for nothing other than the wonderful pictures of Drexel! Hope you haven't melted this week -- it has been very hot and very windy! I am thankful that the tree that went down on our block did NO damage! Just missed the neighbor's SUV.

  16. Happy Anniversary...and if you DID play games like that, you might not have made it this far. So, I too am thankful you two don't play those games! Good marriages are far too few and far between!


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