Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Family History: Interesting Pinterest Board

I enjoy old photos; I've even been known to purchase photos of strangers.  I've just discovered a pinterest board that could provide hours of amusement--dangerous, I know!  

This just begs a story, doesn't it?  Maybe sometime. . . is a sight that allows us to post photos and stories of our ancestors.  I've uploaded some photos, but I still have lots more to add.  When I visited today, I noticed that they are experimenting with a pinterest board of interesting photos. Go check it out!  I think my favorite so far is the family of 4 all dressed up and posing on their 1915 Harley Davidson motorcycle.  I don't know how to share it here; go see for yourself!

What interesting old photo could you share on

 photo visiting2_zps6d4521f3.jpg

 photo ThankfulThought4_zps7d9599c2.jpg
Thanks for old photos, and ways to share them. photo signature3_zps16be6bca.jpg

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  1. Some very interesting photos have been posted. Thanks for the link.

  2. I love Pinterest and the fact it's always changing to keep us coming back.


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