Friday, June 10, 2011

My Voice Double

I've been told that my oldest daughter and I sound alike, but I never realized until recently just how similar our voices are.  When we were at Disney California Adventure, we decided to play in Ursula's Grotto, where we could provide "voice-overs" to movie scenes.  We alternated reading the lines for the characters.  On playback, we started laughing the instant the second character started speaking...because it sounded exactly like the first!  Bambi sounded like Thumper, who sounded just like my daughter.  She thought they sounded just like me.   We both decided we like our voices, now that we know what we sound like!

Although we have been confused for each other on the telephone before, we could never really hear the similarity ourselves, until we listened to that recording.  My mom and sister and I look alike, but I've definitely found my identical voice twin in my daughter!

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