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Ten Things of Thankful: There and Back Again (A Non-Hobbit Journey)


Drexel wanders down the hill in our Utah backyard
On Monday, I loaded Drexel into the car and we drove to Utah to spend a few days at home and take care of some errands that needed to be done there. The drive was ultimately uneventful (thankful #1): even though I apparently unknowingly stepped in gum at a gas station, I was still able to "unstick" my foot from the car floor when I needed to brake. I pulled over at the next rest stop and removed the glob of gum. After getting back on the road, I managed to avoid hitting a blue plastic water storage container that fell off a truck in Nevada, as well as a red gas can that was just sitting in a lane in Utah.

We arrived to our Utah home while the sun was still up, so we were able to enjoy exploring the backyard. According to the old adage, "First year they sleep, second year they creep, third year they leap," our poppies (planted in 2022) are merely creeping this year. I can't wait to see how they look next year!  Some of the other plants are in the leaping year. All the plants seem to being growing well (thankful #2).

Orange poppies growing between delphinium and lilac plants

A bouquet of peonies and roses picked from my yard

The best part of being back in Utah was being able to spend time with my son, his girlfriend, and my daughter (thankful #3). 

Tuesday through Friday mornings, I returned to my old habit of walking with my friend (thankful #4). I've missed our walks (and talks!) 

 A paved walking path goes past a big red barn
Tuesday evening, I attended a birthday party for a neighbor. It was fun to see so many people from the neighborhood (thankful #5).

The week was filled with all sorts of appointments, and I was able to take care of them all (thankful #6). Wednesday morning, my tire pressure warning light went on, so I drove to a gas station and filled up the low tire. Thursday morning, the light came on again, so I drove to the tire store, thinking I would have the leak repaired. Instead, I ended up getting four new tires. It wasn't how I wanted to spend that time (or money), but the exact tires we already had on the vehicle were in stock and the shop was able to get the car in right away (thankful #7).

One of the other car appointments was to take care of a recall notice for the emblem on the steering wheel, which could come loose during airbag deployment and become a projectile. I had made that appointment ahead of time, and so was disappointed when I was told after inspection that the dealership would have to order the replacement part. I ended up coming home one day later than I originally planned while I waited for the part to arrive. I wasn't happy about that, but it did allow me extra time to take another walk with my friend, spend more time with my son and his girlfriend, and take in more of the scenery (thankful #8). 
The under-construction Lindon Temple
Friday night brought a bit of excitement. I heard my son yelling urgently at Drexel, "Drexel, COME!" I looked out the window to see a big snake coiled and hissing at Drexel. This incident ended with several things to be thankful for (lumped into one big thankful #9): my son noticed the snake; Drexel obeyed and came inside; the snake turned out not to be a rattler; and our neighborhood snake wrangler captured the grumpy snake anyway and relocated it up the canyon. 

Drexel forlornly waiting inside while a big snake remains curled up in the grass outside
Saturday morning, Drexel and I left bright and early in a (successful) attempt to beat the worst of the heat. The drive went well--even smoother than the drive to Utah--and we arrived back to our rented house in California ten hours after we left our home in Utah. John had gotten off work early, so he was here when we arrived (thankful #10). 

How was your week? What are you thankful for today? Check out the other bloggers' posts at The Ten Things of Thankful blog, and feel free to link up your own!


  1. I'm so glad you got to have time back home, and especially grateful Drexel obeyed that command. I remember Coda dog confronting an angry possum once, and she came when I told her also, saving all of us a lot of trouble.


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