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Ten Things of Thankful: Trying to Figure It All Out


Stock photo from picmonkey shows five adults in business attire, each holding a paper in front of their face. Each paper has a large question mark on it.

Question #1: How long will a lingering cough last? 
Answer: I don't know, but with the exception of the stupid lingering coughs, John and I are back to normal. He worked full days all week, and I had motivation to start exercising again. 

1. I'm thankful we've "now returned to regularly scheduled programming." 

Question #2: What is a grandma, anyway?
Answer: A "Mommy-Mom."  Youngest granddaughter will ask, "You're my grandma?" and I'll answer, "Yes, I'm your grandma." Then youngest granddaughter will hear my daughter call me Mom, and she will ask, "You're my mom?" and I'll say, "I'm your mommy's mom." Then she'll ask, "You're my mommy-mom?" and I'll say yes. Then she'll say, "I'm your baby-baby!" 

2. No matter what name I'm called, I'm thankful for "Baby-Baby" and her siblings. 

Baby-Baby's older brother asked Question #3: How do you find out about fun places to go? 
Answer: The library's calendar shows all sorts of activities! 

3. I'm thankful for library programs that I can take my grandchildren to.

Baby-Baby's older sister asked Question #4: How did you make those hot dogs?
Answer: The regular, purchased-from-the-store hot dogs I just heated up like normal, but the hot dogs you are asking about, the ones I made for myself, are just marinated and cooked carrots! (Recipe here)
While I knew that my grandsons would not even want to try a bite of vegetable dogs, two of my granddaughters preferred the veggie version to the store-bought dogs. If you have never tried a carrot hot dog, you might be surprised at how much they taste like regular hot dogs! 

Question #5: What season is it anyway?
Answer: My Ring doorbell camera in Utah shows winter. Family in the Pacific Northwest say winter. Reports from the Midwest say winter. Southern California? Poppies are STILL blooming and I'm dressed in short sleeves. 

5. Though I don't want to look ahead to summertime temperatures, right now, at this moment, I am thankful for southern California weather. 

Question #6: What is in my purse?
Answer: A Lindt chocolate! While searching for a cough drop, I discovered a chocolate that was handed out at church on Sunday and I had put in my purse. I must admit, I forgot about the search for a cough drop momentarily. 

6. I'm thankful for unexpected surprises. 

Question #7: What is the happening place in a little town?
Answer: The local women's club thrift store. I decided to visit this week and the small place was absolutely packed! Everyone (including me) seemed to find things they were looking for, and everyone was patient with the long checkout line, so I'll be back again--as will everyone else, I imagine.

7. I'm thankful for thrift stores.

Question #8: Have you heard about Avelo Airlines?
Answer: No, me neither, until I realized that they offer inexpensive (even after paying to check a bag) direct flights from Burbank to Oregon. I'm going to go visit my parents soon, and will be able to fly into a more convenient airport than Portland. And, Avelo does NOT use 747-MAX airplanes, so at least I don't have to worry about holes appearing mid-flight in the fuselage. 

8. I'm thankful for air travel.

Question #9: What is the F2 code on the oven?
Answer: Something to do with the temperature monitor. It first appeared while I was preheating the oven and mixing up banana bread batter. It beeped and wouldn't stop beeping. We had to flip a breaker to turn it off. Banana bread became banana waffles. The landlord is in the process of getting a repairman out.

9. I'm thankful for responsive landlords (and waffle irons!)

Question #10: What are our plans tonight?
Answer: I don't know, but it's Friday night: date night! 

10. I'm thankful for John. 

You don't have to have all the answers to be able to find things to be thankful for! What are you thankful for this week? Be sure to check out the other lists at the Ten Things of Thankful blog!


  1. I do enjoy your grandchild questions. A mommy-mom, or maybe a daddy-mom if it's your son's child. That's a good name.

  2. Baby baby sounds adorable 😍 Awesome thankfuls.

    1. Baby-baby has us wrapped around her finger. :-)

  3. They (the grandchildren) totally have a future in the blogosphere! lol very creative*
    Here, in southern New England, we've had cold weather but mercifully small amounts of snow.
    Luckily the days continue to get longer

    *'course, as bloggers we recognize the true secret of creative writing... turn back the clock and try not to think too much

    1. I'm often guilty of overthinking, and then it takes forever to get something published!

  4. Very clever to turn the banana bread into banana waffles, Mommy-mom! And thrift stores always for the win!


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