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Ten Things of Thankful: Corrections Edition

A square filled with various snowflake designs, or how it feels in Utah this spring

As this week progressed, I realized that several things I wrote over the past couple of months need correction, and I came to the conclusion that a corrections edition of the TToT was called for. It doesn't change my gratitude, but is merely a recognition that sometimes we can be thankful for something even if it doesn't turn out exactly as we expected. 

Seven weeks ago (yes, I'm counting!) I mentioned that Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter. While that was technically correct, I was expecting that perhaps he meant six weeks and only six weeks. Snow is still falling today, so while I'm still hopeful that spring weather will arrive eventually, Punxsutawney Phil should have predicted AT LEAST six more weeks of winter. 

1. Although it's getting really old, I am thankful for the snow. The Great Salt Lake is filling up, the reservoirs are also filling, the ground is moist, and the level of drought is decreasing. The snow water equivalent has tied, and is expected to break, a 40-year-old record. 

2. I'm thankful that local/state government here is proactive, rather than reactive. Our city sent out a notice today that they have 10,000 unfilled sandbags available for pick up, in preparation for potential flooding as the historic snowpack melts. The last time Utah had this much snow was in 1983, and State Street in Salt Lake City was turned into a river. Hopefully our temperatures this year will warm up gradually enough that we won't have widespread flooding, but the general preparedness level here is reassuring. 

Speaking of being prepared, my second correction to past Ten Things of Thankful posts comes from my March 5th post, when I told readers to plan a Utah vacation for 2025. Now, feel free to come to Utah in two years, but if you want to attend the Salt Lake Temple open house, you will need to wait another year. The temple renovations and earthquake retrofitting are taking longer than originally anticipated, and this past week the church announced the new anticipated completion date will be in 2026. 

3. I'm thankful that the church is taking care to make sure the temple is prepared for a major earthquake, and also that they are taking the time to make sure the preparations are done correctly, even if that means pushing out the completion date.

Finally, last week I gave a teaser about an upcoming trip: "more on that later!" Well, we did take a trip to California to visit the grandchildren, but we had originally planned to take a meandering way back home through Death Valley National Park and Gunlock State Park. We had a great time with the grandchildren, and spent one day at the Los Angeles Science Center with them, but our meandering home got thrown out the window when John suddenly felt unwell. Camping just didn't sound fun anymore, so we drove home as quickly as we could. John will be OK, but a vacation report will have to wait for another time.

4. I'm thankful that we were able to see our daughter and her family. 

5. I'm thankful that our grandchildren's parents were able to quickly come pick them up from the hotel room when John felt sick, even though it was an inconvenient time.

6. I'm thankful John was able to get medical attention and be OK to travel home.

7. I'm thankful that the drive home was uneventful.

8. I'm thankful that John was able to see the doctor the next day and that it isn't serious.

9. I'm thankful our oldest son is a doctor and could give us his opinion.

10. I'm thankful for John. 

What are you thankful for this week? Write 'em up and link 'em up on the Ten Things of Thankful Blog!



  1. I'm glad your husband is feeling better and hope you get to take that meandering trip soon.

    I will be praying the snow melts slowly enough that it fills the lakes and reservoirs without causing major damage.

    1. Thank you! Many Utahns prayed for moisture this year, and now will be praying for a slow snow melt. We're thankful for anyone who joins in prayer with us!

  2. What an excellent idea (the corrections TToT)!

    Too bad I cant' use it (...wait for it) but this isthe Ten Things of Thankful.

    Genuinely sincere Grat surely is #8

    1. I didn't think creative writing was my "thing," until I realized just how many not-quite-true statements had been made on the blog recently. lol

      And yes on #8. Thanks.

  3. Why do we believe a fat rodent about weather anyway?

    I'm so sorry John is ill! I hope he is better soon; he is in my prayers.

    I'm glad your son was helpful! Mine is sometimes, and other times, not so much, especially if his sister is asking for advice!


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