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Ten Things of Thankful: Hello, 2023!


a Christmas tree with all of the decorations placed on the upper half of the tree

Hello, my friends! December just flew by. We had the privilege of having our grandchildren come and stay with us over the holidays. The tree in the photo above started out more traditionally decorated, but our toddler granddaughter decided that we had too many ornaments within her reach, so by the time the grandchildren went home, the tree looked like it does in the photo above. I don't imagine Better Homes and Gardens will be wanting to do a photo shoot anytime soon, but I don't care. We made memories, and that is what matters. 

Let's jump right in to the Ten Things of Thankful:

1. I'm thankful for the chance to see almost all of my children, and all of my grandchildren, in December. I really love my family. 

2. I'm thankful also for extended family and gatherings we had over the holidays.

3. I'm thankful for technology that allows family to stay in touch even when we aren't physically close. Group texts are great!

4. I'm thankful for the chance to see the world through a child's eyes. Two (of many) examples:

  • My youngest granddaughter was absolutely enthralled with a musical clock we have, and at the first sound of a note, would ask to be lifted up so she could watch the movement of the clock.
  • We visited a local Butterfly Biosphere, and all of the grandchildren were so thrilled to be able to have a butterfly crawl on their finger. 
5. I'm thankful for "out of the mouths of babes" moments: 
  • I shared this on my Thankful Me Facebook page, but I think it deserves repeating: The new year is fast approaching, and with it, thoughts of resolutions. May we take the time to be gentle with ourselves and use resolutions positively—as statements of who we are becoming, not as proof of current failure. My 4-year-old granddaughter got me thinking earlier this week when she told me, “Grandma, you’re so beautiful!” I might have understood her comment if she had been watching me put on makeup or fixing my hair, but she gave me that compliment first thing in the morning, before I had even showered. I took a selfie to see if I could see what she saw. I could choose to see an overweight, overtired, over 55 woman with wrinkles and grey appearing. After all, those are true statements. OR, I could see a woman who—despite her imperfections—has somehow managed to convey love to a little girl, and in the process has become beautiful in the eyes of that granddaughter. As you set goals for 2023, do so from the “You are so beautiful” mindset, because you really are!
    Beautiful me, sporting my flannel pjs and bedhead hair

  • The same granddaughter, when asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, responded, "I want to be [her name]!" What a great reminder that we should always want to be ourselves!
6. I'm thankful that children are welcome in the worship services of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Today during the middle of our sacrament meeting, a little girl ran to the back of the chapel and hid under a bench. John and I were seated in the first overflow row, so we had first-row seats to this event. The little girl's parents didn't notice her absence right away, and the couple sitting on the pew have two active young children and probably just thought the jostling at their feet was from their own kids. After a minute, the little girl called out none too quietly, "I just want to play hide and seek! I just want to play hide and seek!" Her dad found her pretty quickly after that, and he calmly and quietly picked her up and took her back to their family. Learning how to behave during church isn't easy for children, and I love the fact that members of the congregation are patient with those who would much rather just be playing hide and seek.

7. I'm thankful for precipitation. We've had quite a bit of rain and snow over the last month, and more is on the horizon. We desperately need it, and with every drop that falls, I imagine the reservoirs filling up.
the view out the back door after a recent storm shows a snow-covered yard and mountainside 

8. I'm thankful for January. While I absolutely love Christmas, I also enjoy January. The decorations are taken down and put away; the house seems bigger and tidier; the pace generally slows and there is time for reflection and reading.

9. I'm thankful for sleep. The phrase, "sleep like a baby," doesn't accurately reflect how all babies really sleep. My cute littlest granddaughter has many talents, but sleeping isn't her strong point. I loved having the grandchildren here over Christmas, but now that they are gone I miss them and am trying to find positive things to focus on--and sleep is a biggie! Oh, how I love sleep!

10. I'm thankful for John. I love the memories we have created.

We have more adventures on the horizon, so blogging will be sporadic over the next couple of months, but I hope to get back into a more regular writing routine again eventually. In the meantime, be sure to check out the Ten Things of Thankful blog each weekend, where Dyanne and her cohosts are keeping the door open.


  1. I do like your list! It brings me joy.

  2. Good to read your TToT
    (Funny, how we all conform to the basic format and, all being different with lives as varied as locations, all are different, But there's something about reading (after a bit of a pause) the TToT of an o...(a friend of the familiarity of style, what we call the writer's 'voice' makes such a difference)


  3. #5 is perfect.
    While the bottom of our tree wasn't as cleared out as YOURS, Lewis did more than his share to get it that way! He has spent the past month picking off ornaments and distributing them all over the house.
    #6 Let the little children come to me.
    #7 Pretty snow!


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