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Ten Things of Thankful: Road Trip and Home Again


A collage of two photos: the one on the left is a sign from the Mad Greek Cafe that says, "Please do not grab the Mad Kitties." The one on the right is a photo of a black and white cat sleeping on a chair.

Last weekend, John and I drove to California to visit the grandkids. Even though we've made that trip many, many times, there's always something new to see. This time, it was learning that the Mad Greek Cafe in Baker now has resident cats. I just had to take a photo. :-)

I'm composing this while watching the BYU football game on TV. Hopefully the game will improve, but if not, at least I'll feel better after remembering what I am thankful for this week. 

1. I'm thankful for finding paneer on a great sale at Costco. I don't think I'd ever purchased paneer before, but because it was so inexpensive, I bought it and found a recipe for saag paneer that I think will go in the regular rotation. I modified the recipe slightly: I didn't use ghee, increased the spice amounts, used a different kind of pepper (red mushroom pepper from the garden), and substituted sour cream for the heavy cream. 

(I'd better keep going with this list; University of Oregon just scored another touchdown. Come on, BYU!)

2. I'm so, so thankful for the visit with the grandchildren. Nothing beats those huge hugs and big smiles. Love those kiddos!

3. When we are home, John and I have been going on nearly-daily hikes in the mountains behind our house. I'm thankful for living so close to nature and of course, for the best hiking partner. 

(Halftime now, so I can type with undivided attention.)

(You do want the play-by-play of the writing of this post, right?)  ;-)

4. We missed the flooding that happened in California due to Hurricane Kay. I'm thankful for safe travels. 

5. I'm thankful for the rain we have received here in Utah. 

6. I'm thankful the rain made weeding the flower beds easier. Still more weeds to pull, but it's nice to see the roses again. 

7. I'm thankful that the boil water advisory that happened due to the storms has been lifted.

8. I'm thankful that the boil water advisory motivated me to get out the water filter I bought a decade or so ago. I needed to order some parts for it, but they arrived today and I'm going to get it set up on my counter and use it on a regular basis, so I don't need to worry about future water issues. (I think this is our 2nd or 3rd boil water issue since moving here.) 

9. I'm thankful for a continued raspberry harvest. How can anyone not believe in God when there are raspberries in the world? Such a heavenly tasting fruit! :-)

10. I'm thankful for John. 

3rd quarter is now starting. I'll be here rooting for the Cougars. 

When you are done watching any football games you might follow, be sure to go to the Ten Things of Thankful blog, hosted by Dyanne and her co-hosts, and read what others are thankful for this week. 

What are you thankful for? 


  1. Sounds like a joyful week. -- Through your list, I have learned a new word: paneer. :-)

    1. It's not a very common word; I only know it from Indian food restaurants. :-)

  2. That's a fabulous list, especially the visiting the grandchildren part.

  3. Raspberries are delish indeed, love 'em! I don't care for football, but you made me chuckle when you interspersed your thankfuls with commentary on the BYU game. Hope they won after all.

    1. Unfortunately, BYU lost. They finally started scoring some more points, but were outscored by the Ducks. I'm not a big football person either, but do like to root for my alma mater.

  4. Found it!*
    Funny, it sounds like autumn out there even without photos. Football, raspberries, hiking.
    We're in a gradual transition between 'Comfortable' and 'Cold'.
    Time for yard work. Una enjoys sitting out in the yard surveying her domain (for longer than when the heat was in full force).
    (Like the parallel storyline as part of your Grat list. Fun)
    Have a good week.

    *the link to connect to the TToT(s)


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