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Ten Things of Thankful: The Week in Review

Photo: A little wooden pumpkin with a sign saying, "Be thankful"

I've decided to take a day-by-day approach to my list this week, starting with last Saturday, the day after I posted my last TToT. 

Saturday morning--John and I, along with hundreds of other people, attended the funeral of one of our neighbors. It was mentioned several times that she was devoted to her faith and her family. I'm thankful for her example, for peace that comes from faith, and for the love of family.

Saturday afternoon--We painted our master bathroom. It was one of the few rooms that didn't get painted before we moved into this house. While I know that not everyone would put such a dark color on the walls, we like the change. I'm thankful that John and I like similar colors. 

Photo: A before and after. On the left, an off-white wall, and on the right, the wall is painted a darker blue color ("Puddlejumper")
Sunday--We aren't the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square (though at least one person in our ward [local congregation] has been a member of that choir), but our closing hymn at church was the one on the video below. I'm thankful for the spirit that music brings.

Monday--Veteran's Day--While in an ideal world, armed forces would not be needed, I'm thankful for men and women who serve their country.

Monday--Drexel's birthday--He turned seven years old. He's an exceptional dog, with a great personality, and I'm thankful he's our dog.

Tuesday--Drexel had his monthly bath. When I was picking him up from the groomer, another yellow lab was being dropped off. I got to chatting with his owner and the guy at the front desk, and the movie, Pick of the Litter, came up in conversation. (Video trailer below.) I learned this week that there is going to be a docu-series by the same name carried on the new Disney streaming service. I don't subscribe to it, but if you do, you might want to watch the series. I'm thankful for Guide Dogs for the Blind, and all the good work they do.

Wednesday--I spent some time today poring over nursery catalogs, and thinking about what plants I want to put in the backyard in the spring. I'm thankful that the plans are becoming more clear. 

Wednesday evening--John and I had a chance to attend a film screening for The Christmas Jars. It played for one day in the theaters earlier this month, and will be released on DVD on November 29th. It also will air on BYUTV on December 1st (8 p.m Eastern, 5 p.m. Pacific). It reminded me of a Hallmark movie--a feel-good, all's-well-in-the-end kind of show. It's worth a watch. I'm thankful for those who create positive works. 

Thursday--John had the day off, and spent a couple of hours this morning trying out a shredder/chipper. The piles of sunflower stems and little branches have been reduced to practically nothing. I'm thankful for all the work he does--both career-wise, church-wise, and home-wise. 

I know that just scratches the surface of all that I have to be thankful for (shelter/food/running water/health/etc./etc./etc), but I'm going for a blog post here and not a novel. What are you thankful for this week? 

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  1. Lots of wonderful thankfuls!! I like that paint color :) Happy, happy week!!

    1. I like the color, too. I think it really makes the room "pop."

  2. Sometimes taking it a day at a time is the way to go. You had a great week!

  3. I have already watched a couple of Hallmark movies this season. I will have to remember to watch this movie on BYUTV.

    Love the name of the color of the paint you used! Makes me wonder who comes up with the names.

    The bathroom looks great.

    1. I think that paint names do have an influence on what colors we choose. "Puppy love" is the shade that our family room is painted.

  4. What an awesome lists. Little things count and then some major thankfuls!

    1. Thank you. Life is full of both little and major things, and I'm thankful for that mixture!

  5. Happy birthday to Drexel!
    Una has been to the groomer once. They did a very nice job. I took her back (after a year or so) but as soon as we walked through the door, she went into total 'you-can't-leave-me-here' mode.
    We left together lol
    Nice to have that thought, about what to plant in the spring, as a reminder that winter will end with the arrival of spring.
    Have a good week.

    1. I think most dogs are more like Una than Drexel when it comes to the groomer/vet/etc. If Drexel reacted like Una, I wouldn't take him, either. He loves to go everywhere, though, which is one reason I think he will enjoy being a pet therapy dog.

  6. Wow! You have inspired me with your lovely post. I enjoyed the music (I agree about its effect on the spirit!), the sweet lab training, and the trailer for the Christmas Jars movie. My husband and I have only one room in the house that has white walls. All the rest are brilliantly colored. It's not for everyone, but we do love it. Thank you for a great read!

    1. Thank you. When we moved into this house, all the walls were the color of the "before" picture. Only a few areas still have that color, and most of those that do, have had bright white trim painted, which dramatically changed the feeling.
      Drexel was a puppy-in-training for Guide Dogs for the Blind who "career-changed." He makes a great pet, and I'm beginning the process to register him as a therapy dog, so we can volunteer together.

  7. PS There are some ads now posting on the page....

    1. Thank you. I just removed the spammy links.

  8. That blue is lovely! Is puddlejumper the color name?
    Can't believe Drexel is 7 already! Seems like he was just a puppy not that long ago! He's going to be a wonderful therapy dog!
    What is John going to do with all the little chips he makes with his new chipper?
    OH, tell him my dad was trying to adjust his water wheel the other day and DROPPED HIS I-PHONE IN THE LAKE.

    1. John says he is sorry to hear that, but at least it went toward a good cause! ;-)
      As for the chips, we're hoping that the soil structure will improve. Right now it's probably about 80% rocks. Chips are a step in the right direction.
      Yes, puddlejumper is the name of the color.


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