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Ten Things of Thankful: #WorldGratitudeDay Edition

Photo: Mountains show a dusting of snow under an overcast sky
World Gratitude Day is tomorrow. I only recently learned about it, but it is definitely a celebration I endorse. When we focus our attention on something, that is what we will find. I choose to focus on things that make me feel thankful. Here's what I've found this week:

1. I'm thankful for the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop (started by Lizzi), and for all the hosts, co-hosts, and participants through the years. 

2. I'm thankful for (technically still) summer snow on the mountains behind our home. Today is a blustery, rainy day, and snow is falling at the higher elevations. Having grown up in rainy Oregon, there is just something homey about gloomy, cloudy days.

3. I'm thankful that yesterday was nice and sunny, and I spent time painting the back steps. I had started scraping old paint off months ago, but had procrastinated the fun part of the project. It's so nice to know that the wood is protected from the elements again.

Photo: John snapped this photo of Drexel lying inside the house near the glass door. Outside, I am painting the steps.

4. I'm thankful for good news. I was notified this week that I have been selected as a RootsTech ambassador. RootsTech is the world's largest genealogical conference, and it will be held in Salt Lake City in February 2020. As an ambassador, I will receive a pass to attend, in exchange for blogging about RootsTech. Please look for future posts, because another perk of being an ambassador is that I will get to do a giveaway with a great prize for one lucky reader.    (And believe me, it is a fabulous prize!)

Caption: White text on a black/grey background reads, "AMBASSADOR rootstech February 26-29, 2020 Salt Lake City, Utah Register at"
5. Speaking of family history, I'm thankful that a new season of my favorite TV show, Relative Race, will begin on Sunday at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT. Tune in and watch it! It shows on BYUTV, which is carried on many cable/TV providers. Also, you can watch it online at

6. I'm thankful for my parents, who will celebrate their 56th anniversary soon. I couldn't have asked for better parents.

Photo: My dad, me, and my mom stand smiling in my grandparents' back yard as I was headed to my first year of college. Apparently I inherited my "stand for the picture" stance from my mom. (We both have our hands behind our backs.)

7. I'm thankful for modern medicine. I got a flu shot this week. Even though last's year's vaccine didn't prevent me from getting the crud, in all the other years I have received the flu shot, I have been well, so I'm hopeful I will be healthy this winter.

8. I'm thankful for the ease of necessary tasks. We needed to renew our cars' registrations this month, and all I had to do was take the cars for a quick emission's test. At the shop, I was given the sticker and registration paper. 

9. I'm thankful for a sweet gift from John's dad. My father-in-law offered to make a house for our vacuum. Isn't it nice?

Photo: A robotic vacuum sits inside a wooden "house." 
10. I'm thankful for John. He works hard, but doesn't make work his life. We have so much fun together!

Won't you join me in celebrating World Gratitude Day? The TToT welcomes all to participate!

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  1. I'll definitely use World Gratitude Day as my blog theme tomorrow! Oooh my daughter does genealogy. She may know about roots you speak of. Lovely 10!

  2. Lovely list, good job on the steps, and congratulations on being an ambassador.

  3. Congratulations on your ambassadorship! That's awesome! Drexel looks less than thrilled to be a part of the photo or perhaps he was just caught in a 'moment.' I am jealous that you can look out and see snow on the mountains! The North Carolina mountains are pretty but old and rounded; at least we are no longer living on the San Andreas fault. I have wondered about the efficacy of flu shots but I will get one just to be sure. Here's hoping we don't get the crud!

    1. Drexel might have just been a little displeased the doggie dog was closed during the painting/drying time.
      We used to live along the San Andreas fault, too, but even though we no longer live in CA, we just traded one fault line for another. I think it's impossible to live in an area that is completely safe from natural disasters.

  4. Oh, the colors we wore in the 1980's, or perhaps I was wearing something left over from the 1970's. HaHa
    I watched Relative Race last night on We were too late getting home to watch it on TV.
    We will be getting our flu shots tomorrow.
    Ah, home sweet home for your vacuum. 😀
    You and John not only have fun, you make fun!

    1. I like the colors!
      Did you fall for the "this season, teams will be able to keep their smart phones" line? I believed it at first!
      Here's to a no-flu year!
      I feel like I should put a name on the vacuum house, like a dog house.
      Often work and fun blend together. :-)


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