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Ten Things of Thankful: Road Trip Edition

Photo: The view from the front passenger seat of a car: an open highway stretches forward, underneath a blue sky with some puffy white clouds
An advantage to having my grown children scattered over several states is that I have a perfect excuse to take a road trip. Last weekend, John and I went to Colorado to spend time with youngest son and his girlfriend. It was easy to find things for today's TToT!

1. I'm thankful that John and I had hours and hours to talk. We live on a hill in an area that regularly receives snow in the winter, and none of our vehicles are particularly suited for snowy conditions. The mileage and years are adding up, and we are reluctantly realizing that we need to start at least thinking about buying a different car. So, we spent the entire drive to Colorado researching/talking cars. 

2. I'm thankful that we actually got paid to research. Did you know that if you spend hours upon hours on a dealer website, you just might have a pop up offer to receive a Visa card if you take a test drive? It's nice to have the cost of a fill-up more than covered. 

3. I'm thankful for humor. Of course, once I accepted the test drive offer, I immediately received a text from someone from the dealership. John and I laughed as we mentally composed replies that all started, "Dear the Doug." 

Photo: A text that states: "Hi Kristine! It looks like you're interested in the 2019 Subaru Outback! We actually have a variety of these cars here on the lot right now. We would love to have you come by to see them in person, and take one for a test drive! Would today work for you to come by? -Warm regards, the Doug!"
4. I'm thankful for the ease of finding places to stay, thanks to the internet. We rented a vacation apartment in Leadville that suited us perfectly. It was advertised as historic, but I didn't realize until we got there that it used to be a hospital! I think that the balcony off the bedroom we stayed in used to be the front porch; I even found an old photo online that showed stairs leading up to the landing.

Photo: A old brick building that was formerly a hospital. An area that is now a balcony sports a roof and looks like it was formerly the entrance to the building.
Photo: A panoramic view of the main living area of the apartment. The back wall is exposed brick, and has 4 tall windows. The room's ceiling is very tall--maybe 12 feet? Leather couches define the living room on the left. The kitchen is on the right, with a dining table close to the windows. 

5. As I hoped my roses at home would survive without my attention, I was thankful I could care for a thirsty plant at the rental place. John joked that I need a TV show called The Plant Waterer. (And the roses did survive!)

Photo: A before and after photo of a spider plant. On the left, it is droopy. On the right, a day after getting some water, it is perky.
6. I'm thankful for signs spotted, both on the way to Leadville, and in Leadville, that just make me smile. I can't remember where we pulled over for lunch, but this first sign was spotted next door. Too bad it wasn't still in business! The next signs were seen in Leadville, which is funny because Leadville is the highest incorporated town in North America. If either a tsunami or an avalanche is a danger there, the rest of us are doomed. 

Photo: A sign that appears to be a leaning tree trunk with a chicken roosting in a nest at the top. It advertises, "Cafe Lounge Drive Thru Parking" 
Photo: A sign that reads, "DANGER Avalanche" is stuck on the side of an old church building.
Photo: A circular sign that reads, "TSUNAMI EVACUATION ROUTE" is hanging on the outer wall of a house
7. I'm thankful for safety in all our travels, including while white-water rafting. We stayed in the boat!  I really do enjoy rafting, but I'm not sure I would enjoy it so much if I ever became a swimmer (the name for a person who falls out of the boat). 

8. I'm thankful for nice hikes we took. One hike took us through an aspen grove, around a lake, and to the old Interlaken resort area by Twin Lakes. 

Photo: A hiking trail leads through the white-barked aspen grove.
Photo: The Dexter cabin, a square house with a completely-wrapped-around porch. A cupola, with windows on all sides, sits on top of the house. 
Photo: The Inter-Laken Hotel, a two-story white building with boarded-up windows.
9. I'm thankful for the chance to spend time with our son and his girlfriend. We rafted, hiked, played board games, attended a play (The Fantasticks), talked, and laughed all weekend.  Fun, fun, fun!

Photo: The four of us pose for a selfie

10. I'm thankful, as always, for John. 

Photo: John and I stand inside the walls of an old log building. There is no roof.
What are you thankful for this week? Leave a comment and feel free to link up your own post! 😊

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  1. Road trips are great fun, i am so glad you got to go and hope you find the perfect car for your family whether you buy it from "the Doug" or not!

    1. Thank you. It was nice to spend time together! As for the car, fortunately we are not in a time crunch, so we will look around for a good deal.

  2. Aww what a lovely trip with your best friend <3 I am so happy you had a great time!

  3. Loved seeing photos from your trip. That hike through an aspen grove would have been something I would have enjoyed.
    When I was very young, I remember envying the children who had the wrap-around porches on their homes, because they had somewhere to ride their tricyles, other than on the dirt or sandy driveways.

    1. It was a nice hike!
      I hadn't thought of the trike-riding possibilities of a wrap-around porch, but that makes sense.

  4. Excellent 'oT! Your photos make this the perfect form of the old 'invite friends on a Saturday to look at slides' ... only better. We have the internet to look things (of interest) up... that name, Leadville was sticking in my head. Maybe a song... will go look it up lol
    Have a good week.

    1. Leadville was quite the colorful place back in its early history, which I didn't realize when I booked the rental.

  5. What a wonderful trip (although the thought of your white water rafting adventure still terrifies me). My uncle's wife was from Salida. We went there the summer I was almost 4 and the family legend is that I refused to use a gas station bathroom the entire trip there and back. I also remember the tunnels made me hysterical.
    I love long visits in the car with my husband, too! We solve all kinds of world problems, plan for the future (and God laughs), plan what we would do with the money if we won the lottery (we don't buy lottery tickets, though!). The place you stayed looks so cool. Airbnb? And i love, love, LOVE the photo of you and John through the cabin doorway!
    When you decide to go for that test drive, make sure you don't contact just ANY Doug. It has to be THE Doug :)

    1. We used (the pre-cursor to airbnb, I think, and since we're old-school, well, I still use it).
      We went for a test drive with THE Doug. The cars were fine, but we want to shop around a bit. :-)


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