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Ten Things of Thankful: It's Only January, but I'm Taking a Break

A simple graphic of a January 2019 calendar (surprisingly, with only a 4x4 grid)

A new year often brings re-commitment, re-direction, and renewal of enthusiasm. A blank calendar shows possibilities: routines to be developed, and breaks to schedule in. While I know it's only January--the traditional "routines to be developed" phase--I'm shaking things up and starting with a break. I will be away from my blog and generally off-line for the next few weeks, but never fear, the Ten Things of Thankful link-up will go on. I will respond to comments and read linked posts when I return from my break. 

This week, I'm thankful for:

1. Book club. When I was a child, I had no problem at all living with my nose constantly stuck in a book. As an adult, I am trying to remember that it is OK to spend hours reading. Book club is a step in the right direction. I "have to" read, but I'm having fun, and have given myself permission to read other books, too. 

2. Thrift stores. I wanted an actual, physical copy of The Help (the book club selection for February), but didn't want to spend new-book prices.  Although I love my Kindle, it's so much easier for me to remember/find certain sections of a book when I'm holding an actual book. I thought I could probably find a copy, and I was right.

3. Books and movies. I had seen the movie before reading the book. The movie was excellent, but I was delighted to discover I still preferred the book (although I must say that I definitely imagined Minny as Octavia Spencer the entire time I was reading.)

4. Google. I was sewing what should have been a quick project when my sewing machine started acting up. A quick search lead me to an answer I should have thought of myself, but didn't. (Have you remembered to regularly clean your machine, or at the very least, have you thought to clean it now?)

5. Easy solutions. I removed the foot plate, removed a WHOLE LOT of lint, and voila! The sewing machine functioned properly, and I finished my project.

6. A budget. When John and I were first married, I wanted a way to make sure that I wasn't surprised by expenses. John wrote a computer program that allowed us to divide the paycheck into personalized categories. Instead of just seeing how much money was in the bank account, I could see on paper how the money was allocated.  The twice-yearly insurance payments never caught me off guard. Though the program is now in an Excel document rather than on a floppy disc, it is essentially the same program he originally came up with. It's one of those simple things that has made a difference in our lives. 

7. Friendly neighbors. I am constantly amazed. The doorbell rang this week, and a woman handed us a plate of (delicious!) homemade cookies. She said she was thankful for us, and John's willingness to serve in the bishopric, and told us she was praying for us. So sweet--her, and the cookies!

8. Time. When I stress out, it's often because I feel crunched for time. I think the last time I was bored was in 1969; I NEVER run out of things to do. This week, though filled with a list of must-do's with a fast-approaching deadline, has felt manageable, even relaxing. Time is stretching. 

9. Thoughts/themes. When I started this blog almost 8 (!) years ago, I chose the name Thankful Me as an intentional reminder to myself to be thankful. I have explored other ideas in the years since (though without starting another blog).  One of those concepts has been "joy," and I think I will be pondering more on that this year, and trying to recognize joy in my life.

10. John, AKA my best friend, and a definite source of joy.

What are you thankful for this week? As always, you are invited to join the blog hop. The more, the merrier!


  1. Enjoy your break, i hope you are spending it having a great time with people you love.

  2. We, (Cynthia and Denise and me), were on the Doctrine call-in last night and this very topic came up... the idea of taking a break, to re-charge, rejuvenate whatever the term. We agreed that it is a) necessary (or at least quite advisable) and 2) difficult to actually do... so its good to read you are off on a break.
    We'll be here when you return.

  3. I remember when I read The Help, it was hard to put it down! I read it before seeing the movie.
    Your sewing machine must have been really been in need a cleaning, especially after all the different types of sewing projects you have done the past few months!
    Let me guess. . .boredom in 1969. Was that the time I went looking for you?

  4. Isn't Google an incredible resource?! Whenever I'm stumped and can't figure something out, have a question why something isn't working, just about anything, I'm googling it :D
    Google and the YouTube. Boy, young people today have it made lol
    Enjoy your break! May you have a restful, enjoyable, reinvigorating time away :)

  5. Love your thankfulls, especially no6, budgeting. We have always lived withing a budget and I must say I'm very thankful for that. It was forced on us years ago, but the habit was formed and life is easier because of it.
    Enjoy your break

  6. I love that you are giving yourself permission to read for pure joy too.
    I found a book club this week that I think I'll join, it's focused on art and artist. Just up my ally.
    Your budget program sounds a lot like my hubbys! :-)

    have a wonderful week.....ummm...break.
    wendy at


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