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Ten Things of Thankful: A Mostly-In Photos List

It's time once again to reflect on the past week and remember how much I have to be thankful for. It's been a good week!

1. I'm thankful that progress continues on the house.

Photo: A collage of three photos of my living room. The photo on the left shows a carpeted room, filled with remodeling stuff: paint cans, a garbage can, wood flooring in boxes, etc. The middle photo shows the same room with the carpet removed and the wood flooring installed. Various tools and pieces of wood scraps are on the floor. The photo on the right shows the same room with the floor stained a medium-brown (Early American) color.

2. I'm thankful that progress continues on the house. (It's worth counting twice.)
Photo: A collage of three photos showing the progression of the kitchen remodel. The photo on the left shows the kitchen when we purchased the house. A sheet-rocked pantry is on the left, light maple cabinets are against the walls, and a peninsula sticks out into the center of the room. The photo in the middle shows the "charm" of demolition, with electrical switches dangling from the ceiling, and cabinets in various stages of removal. The photo on the right shows an empty room, with refinished hardwood floors and patches of blue paint on the walls (on the places where cabinets and backsplash won't cover.) The flooring color of the photo on the left should look like the color of the floor in the middle photo--the photo didn't pick up the true color. 

3. I'm thankful for peaceful, beautiful views.
Photo: The view from my front porch at dusk. Utah Lake is in the distance, and lights from the city glow. 
4. I'm thankful for anonymous acts of kindness. 
Photo: The lawn on the side of our house. The grass is short and freshly-mowed, though we have no idea who mowed it. Behind the grass are quaking aspen trees and then wild shrubs heading up the mountain.
5. I'm thankful for an invitation to see a showing of new stories in the Meet the Mormons series. The actors from the new videos were in attendance, and answered questions after the showing. (In case you were wondering, Danny Sorensen's favorite place to fly is in air shows.) Here's a preview of his story:

6. I'm thankful for beautiful temples. As we were leaving the parking lot after watching the preview (John was driving), I glanced up in time to snap a quick photo (taken through the car window) of the Salt Lake Temple. 
Photo: The beautiful granite spires of the Salt Lake Temple shine white, in contrast to the black night sky. The golden Angel Moroni stands on top of one of the spires and blows his trumpet.
7. I'm thankful for honest car repair places. On the way home from the showing, the check engine light came on. Because I am driving to San Diego tomorrow (see item #9 below), we wanted to make sure the car was good to make the trip. John checked what the code was, and we went to drop the car off at the shop. The guy at the counter told us that with the codes that were displaying, they would probably just send us to a transmission shop, so we might as well start there. He recommended a transmission shop, and we were on our way. The transmission shop looked at it, told us a lot of things I don't really remember  basically that there wasn't anything wrong, added some fluid, reset the code, and charged us minimally for their time/labor. 

8. I'm thankful for two back-to-back phone calls from friends in California. Though texts and messages are wonderful, phone calls really offer more connection. 

9. I'm thankful for how easy it is to plan a last-minute trip to attend a friend's temple sealing. The internet makes finding a booking a hotel a painless process. I'm looking forward to my quick trip, and am so excited for my friend. (Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe that families can be together forever, and marriage in the temples allows that to happen.)
Photo: The white spires of the San Diego Temple contrast against the deep blue dusky sky. Between the spires, many columns of windows go from floor to ceiling, making the San Diego Temple a uniquely beautiful building.
 10. As always, I'm thankful for John. I can't think of a better hiking partner--whether it is through the Utah canyons, or the journey of life. Whatever the weather or climate, he's the one I want by my side. 
Photo: Four hiking boots (with crampons attached) and four hiking poles are planted on the snowy trail.
What about you? What are you thankful for this week? Comment below, or write your own post and link up. Thanks to Josie for hosting the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop!

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  1. Great list of thankfuls and beautiful photos of the temple and your view. I agree, a phone call can be nice. Have a great week!

  2. I don't know where to begin, as if starting at the beginning is not the proper place to start lol. I love before and after pictures - seeing the transformation of what was to what can be, will be. Nice:) Your living room looks great. Will the second room still be a kitchen?
    I have to jumpt to #7. Bravo for an honest person in the car business, repair or otherwise. Anyone not knowledgable in the ways of automobiles would be totally aghast knowing how simple and inexpensive at times some repairs really are. Diagnosis should begin with the basics. Glad you ran into someone who appears to have "fixed" you car with a little transmission fluid!
    You have a gorgeous view indeed, Kristi.
    Its always nice to connect with friends in person even if in person means on the phone. Actual live conversation trumps texting any day!

    1. Yes, the now-emptied kitchen will still be a kitchen. If everything goes as planned, next week the new cabinets will be installed.

      More praise for the transmission shop worker: he warned us that it might be possible that the check engine light would come back on, but that as long as the car was driving well, there was nothing to worry about. He also gave suggestions for if the car started driving roughly while on my trip. As it turned out, the check engine light came on right around the Utah/Arizona border, but the car continues to run well, so I have confidence I’ll be able to return to Utah without incident later this week.

  3. Have a safe trip! Glad you were able to get the car checked too. What a beautiful photo of the San Diego Temple. What a beautiful scene from your front porch! I love these collages of the improvements of your house.

    1. I made it safely to San Diego yesterday, and will start for home tomorrow. The plan is to do the drive in one day again, but I have flexibility and will stretch it to two if needed.

  4. excellent 'before-then-after' photos! nice to encounter honest mechanics ('specially with the digital diagnostic systems which, in the wrong hands could be disastrous, "Sorry, ma'am You have a Code 389H which means I have to replace the engine and you must buy me lunch.")
    Like the idea of the angel on the top spire. Most religious architecture aim upwards, but seemingly are limited to a stone-and-mortar reminder of the near-un-reachability of the afterlife. A guy playing a musical instrument adds, imo, a human element to the building, (even if 'the guy' is an angel and, I assume, not, technically, a human).

    1. In LDS theology, I think it’s safe to assume angels actually are human. Unlike many other religious denominations, we don’t depict angels with wings. The Guide to the Scriptures explains : “There are two kinds of beings in heaven who are called angels: those who are spirits and those who have bodies of flesh and bone. Angels who are spirits have not yet obtained a body of flesh and bone, or they are spirits who have once had a mortal body and are awaiting resurrection. Angels who have bodies of flesh and bone have either been resurrected from the dead or translated.”

      (Moroni was the last prophet in the Book of Mormon, and (as an angel) appeared to Joseph Smith to deliver the Book of Mormon to him.)

  5. Being with a partner is a hike through life. I love that you made that comparison. I visited Temple City when I was in Salt Lake City years and years ago. We got to hear the Tabernacle Choir practicing. It was spectacular. The beauty of the view off the porch is also calming and uplifting. I love that a kind neighbor cut your grass. Have a good week.

    1. I’m glad you got the chance to visit Temple Square. There is so much to see and do there.

  6. Hi Kristi!

    I love that you are sharing the remodeling progress on your new home with us! It is amazing how much flooring and paint can change the feel of something, not to mention the removal of outdated cabinets. I can’t wait to see these rooms when you have everything done and your belongings moved in! And WOW, that view from the porch is AMAZING!! Soooo jealous!  It was really nice that some anonymous friend or neighbor took it upon themselves to mow the yard for you too. You are definitely moving the right spot!

    The Meet the Mormons series sounds interesting. It is great that you got to attend a showing of new stories and a question/answer session.

    Nothing is more inspiring than beautiful temples and churches. The photos of the ones you’ve shared here from Salt Lake and San Diego are breathtaking against the night sky!

    Honest car repair places are a real blessing. I wish that was the norm, but it is scary when you know that you are unfamiliar with this territory and kind of at their mercy. I am so glad you found people who were fair and honest and were able to get your car ready for the road trip with minimal work.

    I’m happy you are getting to go to San Diego this week, I know you will have a wonderful time. Prayers for a safe journey! I am thankful for the ease of the Internet each time we travel, so much simpler than trying to make plans and arrangements in the old days of maps and brochures.

    How very cool that you and John get out and hike in the winter beauty there! Cold fresh air is invigorating, and looks like you are well prepared for the trek. I love that you do things together, as best friends should. He is a true blessing in your life, just as my John is in mine. <3

    Have a wonderful week, we’ll look forward to hearing about your trip! XOXO

    Josie Two Shoes ~ TToT

    1. Oh, I can’t wait, either. 😊 Of course, moving takes work, and that means I need to get geared up to do more than just stare out the window and take photos! I’m glad we can make the move gradually over time.

      Meet the Mormons was originally produced as a full-length film, and can be viewed many different places, including on YouTube: Since then, additional stories have been added for viewing in visitor’s centers around the world.

      I definitely will share photos from San Diego in my next TToT!

  7. A very nice list, and i hope you had a great trip!

    1. Thanks! I’m in San Diego currently, and am having a great time!

  8. So much work on the house! I bet you really are enjoying all that progress.
    The different temple photos are gorgeous. I am impressed that you are out hiking in the cold. I need to do the same.

    1. To be honest, the air temperatures have not been bad. I usually start the hikes with a sweatshirt and light jacket, and end with the jacket tied around my waist.

  9. Well, I read this but I guess I never commented! My bad! Your house is coming along so well! I know you'll have a beautiful, homey nest when it is finished! The Salt Lake temple must be an incredible sight at night, especially in person. And how lucky to have the check engine be no big deal! And to GET a deal on getting it taken care of!

    1. No apology needed. I do the same thing, especially on wordpress blogs. I'll read it on my phone, but can't comment because I've forgotten my password (which my computer remembers, but I don't.)

  10. I love the views you share in this post. I am last to say, but hope you had a lovely trip. Looking forward to more about that in your next one.


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