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Six Sentence Story: Tune

Ivy at Uncharted hosts a 6-Sentence Story challenge, with a new prompt each week. This week's prompt: tune.

The congregation rose on cue from the chorister, while the organ started playing the hymn's introduction. The blonde-haired tot stood on the pew, glad to have an approved chance to wiggle. Her ears perked up as she recognized the familiar tune. She didn't seem to notice--or if she did, she didn't care--that everyone else was singing, "Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing," while she belted out, "Go tell Aunt Rhody the old grey goose is dead!" 

Her mom blushed, while her older sister collapsed in a fit of giggles. From that time forward, whenever hymn #163 appeared on the program, the memory of their daughter and sister singing at the top of her lungs washed over them, and they struggled to maintain a composure of reverence. 

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  1. That is absolutely delightful - I wish I'd been there! Sacred choral music is my thing, but even I could not have objected to that amusing interlude.

    Click to read my Six!

  2. Haha. Trust kids for a different form of entertainment. Would have loved to be there.

    1. I'm sure she entertained more than just our family.

  3. what is the expression? 'out of the mouths of babes....

    ...hey! wait a minute! (just went and looked it up in Wikipedia
    apparently the full quote (according to Wikipedia):

    "From King James Bible, Psalms 8:2, "Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength"

    still apparently means the same thing...

    good Six

    1. "Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing, and we'll go home and eat goose!" Or something like that.

  4. Great story. (I tried to leave a comment earlier with my phone and it wouldn't allow me to!) Really a funny six.

    1. Sometimes I have trouble when I try to comment using my phone, too.

  5. Great story. There is no telling what kids will do and it may be embarrassing but always a delight.

    1. I wonder how many adults thought, "THAT'S why that tune is so familiar!"

  6. Heeheehee! Something similar really happened to us. Poor #1 Son has me for a mom, so he learned the parody for Oh Little Town of Bethlehem, called Oh Little Town of Destrehan, before he learned the original. The payback to me came the day he sang the parody right there in church while everyone else was singing the original. Poor kid, i had to take him home and teach him the right way to sing it.

    1. I'm not familiar with the parody, but I could definitely see how that could happen. Music is so powerful; it's hard to learn new words to familiar tunes.


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