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Six Sentence Story: Draw

It's Thursday, which must mean it's time for another Six Sentence Story!  This week's prompt:  draw.
How does the mind pick and choose what to remember, and how could a simple prompt take me back to my Primary class at church?  
The teacher, Sister I-don't-recall-her-name, stood at the front of the small room, chalk in hand, poised to illustrate a concept.  The point she wanted to make was overshadowed by the knee-slapping story she told to apologize for her artistic ability.
Once I very quickly drew a bird, and a boy in the class piped up, "Chickens only have 2 legs!"
The class erupted in laughter.  In the retelling, it's obvious it was a "you had to be there moment," but even at that, I can't figure out why it has taken up precious space in my memory banks. 

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Thanks for a happy childhood.

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  1. The mind is amazing in its ability to store minute memories.

    1. It is amazing, isn't it? Of course, I wish I could remember more important things, too. :-)

  2. I loved this because it speaks of the little childhood moments that tickle our fancy or capture our hearts. This teacher knew that reach her students a bit of entertaining would catch their interest, and obviously it worked. I wouldn't be surprised if you can recall the lesson on the board as well!

    1. Unfortunately, you give me too much credit. I wish I could remember the real lesson!

  3. Hehehe I remember Christine telling me (or writing about (or both)) the way bizarre, unnecessary information is stored SO safely in her mind, she can recall the exact circumstances in high-definition, yet seems to have no space left for important things she wants to remember now.

    1. I'm sorry for Christine, but so glad I'm not the only one! :-)

  4. friend vic has never lived down drawing a four legged turkey!

  5. Who as a child hasn't provided the animals they drew extra legs? I love the honesty of the teacher who probably settled her class and made them happy to participate with her comment.

  6. everyone child is picasso… lol (no, in fact, I'm not quite sure what I mean… but, you know… sometimes chickens have more than 2 legs)

  7. I've made many a preschool drawing that had my assistant laughing from the sidelines. Great story.

  8. That is funny, Kristi. Memories, such a collection we have!

  9. It is funny the things that will stay with us. I feel lucky to have a very good memory. Loved your story.


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