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Ten Things of Thankful: 'Twas a Week Before Christmas Edition

Well, technically only 6 days now, but who's counting?  (Ha ha--millions of people are counting the days!)  This week's list will be as scattered as my to-do list, and with no time to spare, let's jump right in:

 1.  I'm thankful for tumbleweeds, which always make me laugh.  It is always windy here, but it's easy to tell when it has been particularly windy--all the tumbleweeds jump the fence from the field and pile up at the end of the street. 

Photo:  a bunch of tumbleweeds piled up at the end of the street
2.  I'm thankful for Drexel.  By popular request, here is a video of his reaction to the question, "Is the puppy hungry?"

 3.  I'm thankful for Deedee.  You'll just have to picture this scenario, because I didn't get a photo, but the other day as we walked through some fallen leaves, her mouth was like a tractor. She just opened up, walked through, and ended up with a big mouth full of leaves.  I chose to do the responsible guide dog puppy raiser thing and make her spit them out, but I was so tempted to take a photo first!  (Of course, she probably would have swallowed them by that time. . . )

4.  I'm thankful for wildlife.  I'm beginning to recognize the differences in the wild bunnies that frequent our back yard.  I love to hear the hooting of the nearby owls.  Yesterday, there was a huge hawk or an eagle (I'm not sure which) on a telephone pole, and a couple of ravens flew by to harass him.  I love the fact that my in-city-limits home feels like it's out in the country.

5.  I'm thankful for google.  I had a hard time figuring out (again) how to resize a video for this post, but google came to the rescue (again).  I don't have to be smart, I just have to know how to find answers to my questions.  

6.  While I am thankful for Deedee, I am also thankful for Donna, her co-raiser.  Puppies are a lot of work!  I appreciate the weekends, when I can get some things done without the interruption of a puppy.  

7.  I'm thankful for Zicam, Dayquil, Nyquil, orange juice, kleenex, Airborne. . .   Yep, our house has been walloped by a he-who-must-not-be-named cold.  (Although Dyanne names her colds after the person who gave it to her, I have no idea where this one came from, therefore, it must remain unnamed.) I haven't succumbed as badly as youngest daughter and John, and since I really don't have time for this now, I'm hoping to fight it off quickly.  

8.  I'm thankful for healthy foods.  I know this is the season for sweets, but I've been experimenting with eating primarily a whole foods, plant-based diet this past week.  I've felt good (at least before I started to join in with the sneezing and coughing), and my weight has been dropping.  It's nice to report good news at the gravity challenge

9.  I'm thankful for traditions, and I'm thankful for flexibility.  Our tradition has always been to go caroling to the neighbors, and deliver plates of goodies.  This year, I think we will pass.  Singing is out of the question for most of us right now, and I can't imagine anyone would want a plate of homemade goodies from a bunch of hacking carolers.  (Besides, though I will make some things, I'm not doing as much baking/candy making as in previous years--see #8.)

So, for those of you who might miss this year's caroling, here's a video of some much-more-talented carolers.  We'll just pretend this is how we sound, OK?

10.  I'm thankful for John.  Poor guy, he's been hit hard with this cold, and yet he still gets up, works, and helps with things.  

I'll mention this in next week's list, but I am also thankful for kids who will be coming home for Christmas, and I'm thankful for Christmas.  I love this time of year!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. 9. OMG beautiful. I used to be a caroler when I was 7-8 year old playing string instrument with my band. We went to neighbors and raised funds that way.

  2. Oh, Kristi, Drexel is such a sweetie pie. I loved the video! Hope you feel better fast (ZiCam is good stuff). Enjoy the peace and beauty of Christmas.

    1. Yes, it is good stuff. I'm hoping to avoid the brunt of this cold. It's really wiped John out.

  3. excellent video ("come on!! down here!! come, I wait…. come on! lets eat!") very good dog you have there

    1. The problem is, he's so good at it that sometimes he gets a second dinner out of it! He's obviously starving, and if I haven't checked first to make sure that John didn't already feed him. . . well, let's just say I've fallen for it before.

    2. lol
      Ola used to do this thing, where she'd get all frantic and head towards the door, like she really, really had to go out.... (the door next to the kitchen, of course) and when we jumped up, as soon as she saw us following her, she would veer into the kitchen and sit in front of the refrigerator!

    3. Oh, the bait and switch! Smart dog!

  4. Apart from the cold, that's a wonderful list, and I'm glad you have such great things going on. Co-puppying sounds like SUCH a smart way to do it, and I'm really glad for you that you've found ways to make effective steps, diet-wise. I apparently have not!

    1. Knowing what works for me, and actually sticking to it are different things. Navigating through Christmas will probably be tricky, but hopefully my sweets indulgences will at the very least be less than they otherwise would have been.

  5. hahahahahaaaaaa... THAT PUPPY IS HUNGRY!

  6. I'm glad somebody is having success with the gravity challenge. I've had a rough couple of weeks workout and eating wise, and it shows.
    The tumble weeds are cracking me up. I'm looking forward to seeing some in person someday.
    I pray everyone feels better quickly so you can all fully enjoy the visit with family.
    Merry Christmas!

    1. I imagine this week will be harder to avoid sugary treats, but I hope the gravity challenge goes OK. I haven't run in a while, though. I'm a wimp, and want to be able to breathe normally before trying to run and breathe! lol
      Tumble weeds always crack me up, too. Come out west, and I'll introduce you to some. :-)
      Thanks, and merry Christmas to you, too!

  7. I don't know why tw's creep me out so much, but maybe if I saw one up close I would like them more?
    No. I don't think guide dogs, in training or out, should eat too many leaves.
    Have a Merry Christmas and hope you all start to feel better. Most people don't get away unscathed by a cold this time of year.

    1. You are right; lots of people seem to be under the weather right now. I'm lucky it is just a cold.
      Merry Christmas!

  8. I'm glad I saved your post for last - it always makes me happy. Tumbleweeds are funny, aren't they? They kind of crack me up.
    Love the video of Drexel - reminds me of what one of our cats does. When my Hub asks him where the cat food goes, he motions to the spot. Pets are cute.
    Have a very blessed Christmas, Krist, and I hope that cold is gone!

    1. Oh, what a sweet thing to say! :-)
      Your cat sounds like quite the smart feline!
      Merry Christmas!

  9. Loved the video of Drexel. I know I've said this before but Drexel reminds me of Bella -- the yellow lab we had for 11 short years. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that all of you are feeling better soon.

    1. Thanks. I think I'm about over the cold, but John's is holding on. We did have a great Christmas, though, and hope you did, too.


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