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Six Sentence Story: Refuse

Linking up with Six Sentence Stories this week.  The prompt: refuse.
It wasn't that she was actually hungry; she ate her meals like clockwork, and enjoyed each bite.  It seemed, though, that temptation was everywhere.  Every time she turned around, there was another enticing aroma, or a pleasing item that just screamed, "EAT ME!"  As if driven by a force she couldn't control, and hardly remembering how it happened, she found herself, once again, with a full mouth.  And, just as unexpectedly, the hand of the Two-Legged-One was there, prying and scooping the deliciousness straight out of her mouth.  Oh, it was so hard to be a 9-week-old puppy!

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Thanks for a puppy-free Saturday to go over the backyard with a fine-toothed comb and dispose of pinecones, twigs, leaves, errant rose petals, etc.!  

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  1. Ohhhh the trials of such a life!!!! It truly must be difficult when everything is new and enticing and you explore via your mouth!!!

    1. Deedee's reply: Oh, it is ever so hard! Kristi just doesn't appreciate the allure of pinecones, feathers, dandelions, twigs, rocks, . . .

  2. How cute! Thought you might be talking about me today lol (2 dozen donuts in the office kitchen....I know I was driven by a force I couldn't control!!
    Nothing like a puppy to inspire. Hopefully, happy, fun stories like this one :) Deedee will certainly be keeping you on your toes.

    1. This is a dangerous time of year, isn't it?

  3. Pups and grown dogs always ensure lean times are few don't they!

  4. Absolutely the best story yet!!!

  5. Aww - so cute! Love the little story.

  6. lol (I smiled through the whole 6 sentences)

  7. Loved it, loved it! My cat Toby also has a bit of trouble yielding to temptations... and if it's any kind of food he is quite certain it's intended for him. A little puppy is a challenge, almost as bad as a toddler in the house, but so much laughter, love and fun!

    1. I spent hours this morning in the yard trying to rake up any little twigs, pinecones, etc. I could find. I'm sure Deedee will be able to find anything I overlooked!

  8. Wonderful! Poor Deedee, taking away all of her tasty treats! When we first brought Ruby home, she ate EVERYTHING, including food you had in your hand and were putting in your mouth. She would do anything to intercept it. After a few weeks, she finally settled down and now she never begs for people food and usually doesn't eat it even if it's offered to her.

    1. I'm ever-so-optimistically hoping that the co-raiser has managed to train Deedee out of that habit! :-)


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