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Ten Things of Thankful: Bye-bye, July

Seriously, is it August already?  July went by so quickly, and I'm crunched for time this weekend, so I'm going to make this a short-and-sweet, photo-free post.
This week, I'm thankful:

1.  I've gone to the park multiple times with my granddaughters. Swings are a definite favorite.  And slides.  And (when we were the only ones in the playground), throwing the wood chips in the air. "Grandma, look!  Snow!  Let it go!"  Oldest granddaughter might have had wood chips in her hair when I returned her to her mom. 

2.  I successfully registered for another Disney 10K.   And I completed a virtual Harry Potter run!  Registration for the Disney runs always takes patience, as the site is so overwhelmed.  I keep refreshing the page, hoping the event doesn't sell out before I get registered.  

3.  A well-dressed friend gifted me some clothes.  This isn't the first time, either.  I think she's going to make me fashionable yet.  

4.  Willow, the guide dog puppy, has finally reached phase 0 of formal training!  She was evaluated, and rejected, as a breeder. Now she's on to (hopefully) become a working guide.  I'll keep you posted on her progress.

5.  Tomorrow I'm teaching the lesson in Relief Society on Sabbath day observance.  I've enjoyed the chance that has given me to study about keeping the Sabbath day holy.  

6. Thanks to sewing machines (and let's not forget the indispensable seam ripper), I've been able to sew a bit this week: kitchen curtain panels for a rental property, and a baby blessing outfit and baby blankets.  (My granddaughters will get a brother next month!)

7.  I've witnessed great compassion on Facebook this week.  

8.  We've had RAIN!  After years of drought, there is speculation about a wet winter thanks to El Niño.  And if July was any indication, that speculation might just become an actuality. Normally, we get 0.09 inches of rain in July.  This July we got 1.6 inches!  

9.  That rain has greened up our backyard; what seemed dead at the beginning of July now looks alive again.

10.  John keeps me sane even when life keeps me busy.  He did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen while I typed this post.  (He is a fast worker, but he had more time than you might think--the computer gave me the blue screen of death mid-post.)  I told him, "You just made the Ten Things of Thankful!"  

Did July fly by for you, too?  What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. with all the runs you do at Disney you must be on the way to being a "perfect Prefect?" You have a new grandbaby on the way? how cool! MORE woodchips!

    1. Did you go to the Harry Potter run link? THEY are the ones that have perfect Prefect medals!
      Yes, another grandbaby is coming soon. He should arrive next month.

    2. yup I went .. I wanted to see what a "virtual run" was!

  2. Did I miss an announcement somewhere?!?! A baby brother on the way?!? How exciting!!
    Glad you all are getting some rain, and I hope that wet rain comes to fruition. For you. I hope that isn't predicted for the entire country.

    1. I've been quiet with the news, I guess, but yes, the third grandchild should make his appearance next month.
      You had the polar vortex not that long ago; it's my turn for inclement weather this winter. If I complain about the rain, you can even remind me that I was hoping for it.

  3. …so the run, when is it?*
    photos? how about some 'live action' footage (using your phone, of course!)…renting a video camera with a steady-cam harness might be a bit much… but, the phone has quite reasonable capacity, given it's weight.

    *what they say about me not reading slowly and carefully is totally exaggerated, but if you mentioned the time in this post, please delete this footnote!

    1. The Disney run that I just signed up for isn't until Mother's Day weekend, 2016. I have 3 other Disney runs before that, though. I'm not sure I'm coordinated enough to run while shooting video, but I'll think about it. I do always carry my phone with me on the Disney runs, so I can take photo ops.
      The Harry Potter run was a virtual run. They just opened up another run, too--I think I'll sign up tomorrow. You should check out the link--the rules are about as lax as the 2milerun rules. The "runs" can be walks, and the distance doesn't even have to be traveled uninterrupted. You can take multiple days to complete the distance.

    2. hey! they stole our idea!!!/ hey! the 2 Mile Run wasn't so weird, after all…

      (ah the world of a clark…lol)

  4. Go Willow! Cloudy is cheering her on here. Thankful for your list, Kristi!

  5. Yes, July definitely flew by, and I predict August will as well. I'm trying to do as much as I can before the weather turns cold.

    A new grandchild? How exciting. Congratulations.

  6. When is your run? That is awesome you were able to register. Since being away and the hot weather I have fallen off on my running I need to get back on track!

    1. The run I most recently signed up for is in May, but I have several Disney runs prior to that. Disney run registrations open far in advance.

  7. Kristi, the Facebook compassion post was inspiring and feel-good. I'm glad I clicked over. I'm waiting for the Fall to get out my sewing machine and start stitching up some curtains and pillow covers. I admire your dedication to participating in runs.

    1. Thank you.
      I should make some pillows sometime, too.
      I use the Disney runs (which are fun) as motivation to do the training runs. If I didn't sign up for frequent runs, it would be easier for me to become more lax in my regular exercise. (And even at that, I have much room for improvement!)

  8. You are getting more rain than we are. We were supposed to get some, but it was a very tiny bit one morning, and just a few drops (and yes, I do mean drops). I saw just a few dried spots on my windshield when I came out from church today.
    Oh well, wood chips in the hair is better than ticks!
    Oh, no! The blue screen of death. Now that is scary when you are right in the middle of a post.
    New clothes! That sounds like fun. She must be the good fairy from Disneyland visiting you.

    1. Am I missing a reference somewhere? Ticks?! Yikes! Yes, wood chips are better than ticks, for sure.

  9. Lots of good here. And yes, I had the same question - where did July go and how in the world is it August already??? And yet, somehow, I feel like the summer has not flown by in quite the way it usually does. Maybe it's my perspective. I think I have a post coming.

    1. I can't find the reference at the moment, but I heard somewhere that we struggle with time so much because we are eternal beings having a mortal experience. In other words, the concept of time is foreign to us and goes against our very nature. I'll be interested in your post, as I've always found the concept of time fascinating.

    2. That is completely fascinating, Kristi - I'd be interested in reading more of wherever that comes from.

    3. It was actually from an address entitled, "Grateful in Any Circumstances." Here's the link to the written transcript, as well as the video. (I love the German accent of Dieter F. Uchtdorf!)

  10. July did fly by for me, too! I wish we'd gotten as much rain as you did but we did get a tiny bit. We're hoping they're right about the El Nino.

    1. Our temps have also been mild for us--not very many triple-digit days. I'm hoping this rather-cool, rainy summer progresses to a mild, rainy fall and winter, too! (I wouldn't mind some snow, either--it's been a couple of years since we've had any to speak of.)

  11. Seam rippers may not be the more fun part of sewing, but it is pretty hard to do much without them!

    1. I can't seem to complete a project without one!

  12. See, I SAW that you had rain, and I even was able to be happy for you cos I know you guys need it so much :) HUZZAH! And what a wonderful man John is, to get the chores for you while you blog :)

    1. We definitely do need the rain, and hope that we'll continue to receive more throughout the year. And yes, John is a great guy! :-)


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