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Drexel Follows Me Around Like a Puppy Dog

Drexel kind of likes me.  When I sit down, he curls right up by me.

Usually, he rests his head on my feet.

 Unless, of course, he is gazing up at me.

He doesn't like to hang out only when I'm relaxing, though.  He also keeps me company when I'm in the kitchen.  Here he is keeping my feet warm while I wash dishes:

Oh, Drexel, you are better than any socks!

Do your "socks" have feet, too?
 photo visiting2_zps6d4521f3.jpg

 photo ThankfulThought4_zps7d9599c2.jpg
Thanks for Drexel, a devoted dog!

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  1. How sweet! Is it difficult for the dogs to adapt to their new owners?

    1. Guide Dogs for the Blind does a great job of matching the dogs to the clients, and the dogs and their new owners form a strong bond. Although I raised Drexel to be a guide dog, he was too distracted by smells and was "career changed" from the program. He now is our family pet, and he definitely loves being home with us.

      During the time we were puppy-raising him, we would occasionally swap puppies with other raisers, so that the puppies got used to listening to other people, living other places, etc. We try to prepare them as well as we can to adapt easily to another person.

  2. I love when you post about Drexel. He so reminds me of Bella Donna -- they even look alike. We lost Bella about 3 years ago and she was the best dog but boy could she get into mischief! She loved being in the kitchen and that dog would eat anything. She was especially fond of the ends you trim off the zucchini or they yellow squash! I caught her one day eating a chicken out of a colander in the kitchen sink, still don't know how she didn't burn her tongue! She never laid on my feet but always HAD to be leaning against me and if I happened to be in the swivel rocker she would turn me completely around. I really miss her and I am thankful you let us all share Drexel.

    1. Labs are notorious for their love of food! We are "mean" and still only feed Drexel dog food--those were Guide Dog puppy-raising rules, and we've just stuck with them, even though Drexel is now our pet--but I suspect Drexel would love to try something else. He is definitely scent-distracted by bananas, of all things!

  3. my socks definitely have feet ... and they look like footy pajamas... I think Im in love with drexel ... that face shot is priceless! What a lovely boy... he and you are so lucky to have him back home...

    1. I'm even more impressed to know that he gives me that look even when he's not anticipating a meal! :-)

  4. Hopelessly Devoted to you... I love his sweet face! You are so lucky having such a dedicated footwarmer.... My boys sometimes lay on my lap, but usually only on the armrest of the chair I'm in...
    Give Drexel a big smootch for me. I think I'm in love with him!

    1. He may be hopelessly devoted to me, but he's also pretty happy with everyone, so I'm sure he would welcome your attention!

  5. what a joy our pets gives us - teddy sits on our laps cuddles with us and protects us too - Drexel is adorable!:)

  6. I definitely have socks - three of them! Any of the Rotten Cats will curl up right next to me - or right ON some part of me. Cat One likes to wrap himself around my feet when I'm in the kitchen cooking. He thinks he's helping, but I'm always so afraid one or both of us is going to end up hurt!
    Drexel is beautiful - labs have such sweet dispositions, don't they?

    1. He is definitely one sweet dog!

      "Underfoot" takes on deeper meaning with pets in the kitchen, doesn't it?

  7. Oh, that could you resist that? No dogs here, but we have a cat furbaby. We've had her since she was about four weeks old -- too young to have been weened, so I fed her with a special syringe & carried her around in a little pouch I rigged up to keep her warm. Guess you know who she thinks is "Mom!" She prefers my lap or just behind my head when I'm sitting in our family room -- she nuzzles my neck and licks my ears. The ear licking can sometimes drive me crazy! But we love her to pieces!

    1. Yes, I think the ear licking would be annoying. Good thing our pets have so many adorable qualities!

  8. I am writing from your future! oh boy! No, nothing to worry about, you did fine with your TToT Post that you have not yet written.
    dogs do the napping thing better than any life form!


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