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Ten Things of Thankful: Dapper Edition

A year or so ago, I learned about Dapper Days at Disneyland.  During Dapper Days, many guests dress up, often in vintage clothing, and head to the Happiest Place on Earth.  I've never attended, because those events are always held on a Sunday, and as much as I love Disneyland, and as much as I'd love to attend Dapper Days, I wouldn't feel like I was keeping the Sabbath day holy if I were at Disneyland on Sunday.  (It's a bit ironic that my old-fashioned ways prevent me from participating in a "dress up in old-fashioned clothes" event, isn't it?)
Imagine my delight when I learned that, although Sunday is the day the crowds descend on the park, Dapper Days holds Saturday events, too.  Let me tell you about it in this week's Ten Things of Thankful:  Dapper Edition:

1.  I'm thankful for thrift store finds, which assured that John and I were attired appropriately.

 2.  I'm thankful for clippers and home haircuts.  While I'm no expert, I learned how to cut John's hair with his encouragement.  During today's haircut in preparation for Dapper Days (well, actually, the haircut was happening regardless of Dapper Days), John asked, "Do you know how many thousands of dollars you've saved us over the years by giving me haircuts?" 

 3.  I'm thankful for John, who readily agreed to attend today's event, and got into the spirit of things by modeling "dapper" very well.

4.  I'm thankful for the Saturday slide presentation by Charles Phoenix.  This is the reason we headed down to the Disneyland Resort.  Charles Phoenix uses vintage slides to produce a humorous slide show presentation.  I've seen his slideshows about holidays, architecture, and now retro Disneyland.  He kept us laughing with his sharp observations.

5.  I'm thankful for the many audience members who dressed up.  It was fun to see the various outfits that people wore.

6.  I'm thankful for the friendly Oregonian woman who chatted with us for a while.  I wondered if she had traveled so many miles by herself, as she seemed to be alone.  When I later noticed an older gentleman who also seemed to be by himself, I half-way jokingly remarked to John that perhaps he was the husband of the woman.  Turns out, he was!  They were both quite dapper--he in a striped suit coat, bow tie, and hat; and she in a vintage dress, hat, and hose.  

7.  I'm thankful for the Craftsman style of architecture.  It's definitely my favorite, and is the style of the Disneyland Grand Californian Hotel, where Charles Phoenix presented his slide show. 

After the slide show, we wandered around for a while.  I just love the lobby; look at these beams:

8.  I'm thankful I learned about La Palma Chicken Pie Shop.  John and I stopped at this restaurant after hearing it recommended by Charles Phoenix.  I felt like I had stepped back in time.  The building and decor, food, and price reflected a simpler era.  John and I each ordered the chicken pie dinner.  We ate soup, salad, rolls, chicken pot pie, mashed potatoes, and a slice of fruit pie (I had blackberry; John had rhubarb) for $6.75 each.  Definitely a far cry from Disneyland food prices! 

9.  I'm thankful for more evidences that spring is on its way. We saw this tree on the way back to the parking lot after the slide show:

10.  OK, so this doesn't have anything to do with Dapper Days, but I'm thankful for the new reading corner in my bedroom.  This week, I moved out a desk that wasn't really being used for much more than holding paper piles.  In its place, I moved in a chair, side table, quilt rack, and lamp from other rooms.  I love this decluttered, cozy corner now.



 photo visiting2_zps6d4521f3.jpg
I hope you've found things for which to be thankful this week.  I'd love to hear your own 10 Things of Thankful!  Feel free to link up a blog post below, or leave a comment of your thankful things. 
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Thanks for another great date.

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Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. And John looks absolutely dapper indeed! Looks like you've had a fulfilling week!

    1. It was a fun date, and I'm glad to have the room set up differently.

  2. you guys are so sweet looking! What a couple of good sports! I cant believe the price on dinner! Talk about stepping into the past! Its great to have a little sanctuary to read isn't it?

    First comment! Woohoo!

    1. I'm not a member of the Red Hat Society, but I'm beginning to understand the mind-set behind it. It was certainly fun to get into the spirit of the occasion!

  3. probably not first... forgot you have an approval thingy.... oh well.... sigh!

  4. Yes, yes, yes for thrift store finds! You both look fantastic and I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your Dapper Days! I have really been thinking about learning to cyt my boys' hair as it grows so fast and it gets tedious dragging them to a hair cuttery for an overpriced cut that I could probably do myself. I love your reading corner. I have been searching for the perfect chair for my own but have yet to find it. Great post this week!

    1. Oh, start as young as you can with cutting your own kids' hair! That way, if you make a mistake or two along the way, they are too young to care.

  5. You guys look like you found the perfect outfits. I especially like John's hat, but then I am one for a hat!

    The blossom tree is my absolute FAVOURITE here. Just so happy for Spring to be coming back into season, and finally there are signs that winter is on the way out.

    The meal you had sounds BRILLIANT :D a truly marvellous find, that restaurant

    1. The tree was so pretty! I love the blossoms of springtime.

      We will definitely be going back to that restaurant in the future--just good ole down home cookin'!

  6. Wingback chair (if that's the correct furniturological term), love those for reading! seeing how often I seem to fall asleep while reading, the wingback lets me appear to still be awake!

    As always your photos are excellent, even if they are stimulating season-envy… almost to March, which will totally take the edge off any more snow storms.

    1. That chair reclines, so there is no doubt when I doze off while reading!

      I always feel a bit bad for posting the "this is winter where I live" photos, as I don't mean to be taunting those who live in places that really have winter. Rather, the photos should give hope that spring is on its way--kind of a "Coming Soon" trailer.

  7. I work at an elementary school and I still enjoy participating in dress-up/spirit days! Next Sunday I get to do so for church of all things! We celebrate carnival/beginning of Lent and this year's theme is about aging. Our congregation will be 40 this summer. So, I'm thinking I may dress as a teenager...will see how I'm feeling. Glad your hubby joined in on the fun!

    The blooming tree is absolutely gorgeous!!

  8. Dapper Days sounds like grand fun and you two fantastic! The reading chair is positively lovely - may you enjoy many a good turn of the page there. I started cutting my Hub's hair several years ago mostly because it was becoming increasingly difficult for him to get an appointment with the barber her liked at a time that worked for him. He went to my salon for a couple of cuts and the woman there actually was the one who suggested we get clippers and do them at home - all he does is a straight up buzz and it's wicked easy. Over time he's taken to completely shaving so that's even simpler. It is a great savings for sure.

  9. Your reading corner looks very cozy.

  10. I love the dapper look on both of you! I had never heard of Charles Phoenix and I went to his site -- thank you for the introduction. As for La Palma Chicken Pie Shop -- they are the best!

  11. Okay, I first read this as "diaper days," so this ended up NOT being anywhere near what I was expecting! Sounds like fun to dress up. John is a good sport (my husband would not be) and does, indeed, look quite dapper! I LOVE going to thrift stores to find clothes to repurpose for costumes! I never once bought my kids a store-bought Halloween costume or play costume or any other kind of costume.

    I want to eat at La Palma Chicken Pie Shop right. now.

    So what did you do with the pile of papers from the desk when you moved it to make your lovely reading corner? Our life seems to be overtaken by piles of paper.


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