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Ten Things of Thankful: Welcome 2014 Edition

Out with the old, and ring in the new!  Years, that is.  The Ten Things of Thankful blog hop is still here.  Please link up your post and help make this hop bigger and better than ever in 2014!

1.  I spoke in church last Sunday.  Not in the whisper-to-my-husband sort of way, but in the behind-the-pulpit-giving-a-talk sort of way.  Because Mormon congregations do not have a paid clergy, our meetings do not feature a minister giving a sermon.  Instead, members of the congregation are asked by the bishop or one of his counselors to prepare a talk for an upcoming Sunday.  A typical agenda for a sacrament meeting would be:  welcome and announcements, opening song, opening prayer, business, sacrament song, sacrament (communion), youth speaker (referring to the age of the speaker--12 to 18), adult speaker, song, adult speaker, closing song, closing prayer.  

Last Sunday, there was no business and there was no youth speaker, but fortunately, the other speaker and I were able to fill the time without a problem.

My assigned topic was about how we can endure our trials through faith in the atonement of Jesus Christ.  I'm thankful I had the opportunity to speak, because I was reminded again of how much easier life is when I don't try to do everything alone.  

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
“Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
“For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”
Matthew 11:28–30
2.  Also last Sunday, my Utah kids returned home.  I'm thankful they were able to spend Christmas here, and that they traveled safely.

3.  Not only did we spend Christmas together, we also had the chance to go to Medieval Times--something we had never done before.  I'm thankful for good family activities.  We enjoyed cheering on our Red Knight, and oldest and youngest daughter had quite the ongoing discussion on the way home.  
"He threw the flower to me!"
 "But he was looking at me when he threw it!"

before the flower was thrown
4.  If you are currently in the middle of a big snowstorm, you may want to skip this next thankful.  I never write my thankfuls with "nyah nyah nyah" in mind, but it might seem like I do, if we compare weather.  (Stay warm and safe, all of you impacted by the snowstorms!) 

I'm thankful for nice weather, which made hiking quite pleasant.

I did not actually scale the rock, but I did enjoy taking a photo.
5.  I'm thankful for Drexel, who didn't complain about the trek.  

6.  I'm thankful for this guy, who always makes me smile: 

7.  I'm thankful for bees.  With so much talk about honeybee colony collapse, I'm always happy to see pollinators in my garden.  I intended that this sugar water would be for the hummingbirds (and the hummers have been visiting the feeder), but I guess the bees were hungry, too.

8.  While I loved the Christmas season, I am thankful to have the decorations packed up again.  (And maybe in another TToT, I'll be thankful the boxes are back up in the attic.)  I've moved some plants and furniture around, too--and I'm sure this time they are in the absolutely best place.  ;-)

9.  I am thankful for pleasant surprise packages.  Clark, another co-host of this blog hop, has a personality theory (the Wakefield Doctrine) that he discusses on his blog.  He also has "DocTees," and he graciously sent me one.  (Thanks, Clark!) Three guesses as to which of the personality types is my predominant! 

10.  I'm thankful for cheerful, willing helpers who all worked together to clean up after the church youth dance on New Year's Eve.  John and I (and Drexel) chaperoned the dance, and it was nice to see everyone pitch in afterwards, so we could all get home without too much delay.  One teenager even took a broom out of my hand, insisting on sweeping for me.  

Ten Things of Thankful

 Your hosts

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Thanks for the new year, and possibilities!

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  1. I am in the middle of the snow storm, but totally didn't take this as a mean thing on your part and love that you do have nice enough weather for hiking. Seriously, looked like a wonder time was had and totally so deserving of it! Have a great weekend Kristi and thanks as always for hosting!! :)

    1. First--and gracious as always! I'm glad being thankful for nice weather didn't come across the wrong way. Stay warm!

  2. You have a wonderful list, as usual, but I just want to say that your #1 really spoke to me. It was something I needed to hear. Isn't it funny how those things work? Thank you!

    p.s. I still hate you just a little about your weather....

    1. I'm glad I could help. I needed the reminder, too.

      Don't hate--escape! I'll gladly be your guide if you decide to visit sunny So Cal. :-)

    2. We used to live there - I would love to go back and visit, and if I ever do, we are totally going to meet, mmk? We were in Ventura and then in Agoura Hills (Thousand Oaks area).

    3. I seem to remember that now. OK, so you might not need a tour guide, but yes, we should get together if you come back to visit.

  3. Now, I love, love that bee close up. A very daring photo, I must say, and all of them are well-taken. Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. I just kept telling myself, "They are honeybees, not wasps. They are honeybees, not wasps. They are honeybees, not wasps." And a good zoom feature helped, too. :-)

  4. Loved your hike and happy for you that the kids arrived home safe. I'm always glad when mine are safely back in their nests. All of us are ready for a wonderful new year.

    1. My kids always leave with the instruction to call or text when they return home, and they are all good about doing that. :-)

  5. We're buried under snow, but I got a huge smile from your hiking picture!
    And your BEES!!!! After my sister & I read "The Secret Life of Bees" we used to google and text bee facts to each other, especially about how without the Queen (my sister's nickname) the colony just collapses. Which is sad. I saw the Bee Movie! p.s. I was going to comment about you being daring w/the pictures too! :)
    Solidarity with decorations being DOWN, but not yet in the attic! My teenager was always Senior Holiday Decorating Executive, but he's never home anymore and the little girls are too little yet. Kid gap, like the Tube in London, parents "Mind the gap!"
    Happy 2014!

    1. Hope you can stay warm and dry during this cold snap.

      I did end up getting some of the lighter decorations in the attic, but getting the heavier stuff up there is a two-person job. John and I usually have to work together on it, but he's been fighting off a bad cold lately. The heavier Christmas stuff will have to wait a bit longer, until he has his energy back.

  6. Aha! And so the truth is out, on your sleeve :D

    I'm glad you have honeybees and good weather.

    So who DID the flower get thrown at? Very cool that you got to go to a medieval thing. I went to one in summer with Niece and Neff, and they had a real jousting tournament, and Neff's knight won. It was SO much fun :D

    1. Was there ever any doubt? :-)

      I'm pretty sure oldest daughter was the intended recipient, but I don't mind that each of the girls thought the knight was throwing to her. It sounds like we attended similar things, though yours might have been more authentic. We did watch a jousting tournament, but I imagine there was more show than "real." (The jousting sticks--is that the right word?--had been scored to allow them to break easily into pieces, for example.) Regardless, though, it was a lot of fun!

  7. You've got lots to thankful for, Kristi.

    And congratulations on pulling off a good talk last Sunday!

    1. Thanks for your kind comment. I hope it was a good talk; as is so often the case, the topic was one I needed to remember. Hopefully it benefited others, too.

  8. what a great way to run to church! With everyone involved.having lived in Southern California I remember then missing the snow. I love the snow in think I would still miss it but the -13 of this morning definitely not. At first I didn't see the caption on top of Drexel picture and I thought how coy of her to put the comment about the guy that always makes her smile between the dog and her husband. but then I went back because I didn't think it was your style just like it's not your style to be all nya nya nya about the're very funny but I don't think of you as sarcastic.I can't even remember where was this morning but I read one of your comment somewhere that made me laugh out loud it might have been at the Wakefield Doctrine...

    1. Oh, brrr! I hope you are staying warm and dry.

      It's probably going to go to my head that someone finds me funny, but not sarcastic. Thanks for that compliment!

  9. see? that's why I think dogs are perfect lifeforms... while Drexel is certainly a handsome fellow, it is the look in his eyes, the intelligence that says it all

    glad you enjoyed getting the docTee, they are fun.
    (I should resurrect an old Post I wrote that I think was titled: "so you have your very own docTee, and they're starting to ask Questions!" lol)

    this may be a dupe Comment, hand a little trouble with the google, if it is please delete the one with the least spelling errors.

    1. Oh, he's definitely intelligent, but his personality is all goofball. He puts on his working dog persona when he's vested up, but I think that is because he thinks work is fun. He loves to have fun!

  10. Drexel looks like a love. And way to go on giving the sermon. I can write but when I try to speak it's Caveman Speaks. So embarrassing.

    1. I try not to read the whole thing, but I do write everything out ahead of time, and have my script in front of me. Otherwise, I'd probably be tripping all over my words, too. :-)

  11. I will not begrudge you your gorgeous weather. I'm happy for you. And I'm taking notes on where to go when our nest is empty and we can be snow birds. :)
    I have been to church with my brother several times, once when he was talking. I do like hearing the talks from the members of the church. I'm sure it helps the members really put some thought into their beliefs and their place in this world and how they can do better.
    We have a gigantic bee hive (not the wasp nest) in one of the trees in a side field. I'm so glad we do. They don't bother us, but they do so many good things for our garden.

    1. John and I chuckled a bit about the thought of snow birds living here. Most of the people we know, when answering the question about how they ended up here, have this response: "When we moved here, we expected to stay for a year or maybe two. That was 15 (or 20) years ago, and we're still here." This is said less in a "We just fell in love with this place" way, and much more in a "trapped in the Twilight Zone" way. Not that there aren't good things about living here; it just isn't many people's version of paradise. However, I'm certainly happy with the weather now.

      The cliche about teachers learning more than their students can certainly apply to speakers in church, too.

      How cool to have a big bee hive! Have you considered harvesting honey? Part of me thinks that would be so interesting, and part of me would be scared.

  12. I can't read that Bible verse without singing it to the tune from The Messiah. I hope you stay warm during the snowstorm headed your way (you mentioned one, right?).
    I am also thankful for your bees. Loved that pic.

    1. Though much of the nation is under gripping cold right now, I am far away from the path of the snowstorm. Sending warm thoughts to those affected, though.

  13. I love that you lost your broom! Kids surprise you!

  14. We've got 16 inches of snow and counting, with temperatures expected to hit -23 on Monday, BUT I don't feel badly. Because summer will come, it always does. So no worries.
    Also how about this, we both quoted Matthew this week. Something to it, huh? Glad to finally join you guys!

    1. So glad you decided to join the hop! Stay warm and dry. Negative 23 is way too low for a high temperature!

  15. We had the snow storm from Thursday evening into Friday... everyone got home safe and sound on Thursday Hubby and I worked full days when we got home we both went out to the supermarket for some essentials quick run through the store and gas for the car which was all local by the time we got home snow was coming down heavy left home at 6 pm - arrived home at had a snow day on Friday and I took a vacation day ...working on fixing my blog somehow all the pictures are gone re-uploading them. I'm sure there's a silver-lining somewhere. It's a slow process but that only because of me....hopefully I'll be done soon so that I can blog your TTOT this week - Have a wonderful day!

    1. Oh, no. I can't imagine having to re-upload all my blog photos! I hope that you get things back quickly.

      Stay warm and dry!

  16. Very jealous of your nice weather. And totally impressed by you rocking the pulpit- congrats!

    1. Well, I'm not sure about "rocking the pulpit," but thanks!


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