Wednesday, November 27, 2013

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: I'm Thankful for a Carpet Cleaner

Tweet (I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm on twitter now!  ThankfulMe @ thankful_me ) :

Puppy versus philodendron. Puppy in crate. Philodendron relocated to inaccessible office. Hoover wins. Thankful for my carpet cleaner!

 photo visiting2_zps6d4521f3.jpg

 photo ThankfulThought4_zps7d9599c2.jpg
Thanks for life's little exciting moments, and carpet cleaners.

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  1. Glad all is well - no harm, no foul.

  2. Ugh. That stuff can be hard to clean up. Glad it all came up for you.
    You're on Twitter?!?! Man, now Lizzi is really going to be on my case. I can hear her now..."Kristi's on, so that leaves you the last co-host to jump on the twitter wagon."

    Have fun with it. I'm sure Lizzi will be able to answer questions you have.

  3. It's the small things, eh? Now I need to borrow your carpet cleaner. =)

  4. Yay! Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family!

  5. Puppies mean well! At least you have the right tools to deal with the situation. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!


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