Tuesday, September 27, 2016

We Went to the Zoo, and I Forgot to Take Photos of Animals

Last Friday, before the excitement John and I had later that evening, we spent the day at the zoo with our daughters and grandchildren.  Though I love the zoo, the main attraction for me was my family.  As I was looking through my photos, I realized I didn't take any photos of animals.  I did, however, take some of my grandchildren!  

Friday, September 23, 2016

Ten Things of Thankful: Down but Not Dead Edition

Well, this week has been a really fun one, and I intended this post to be filled with the adventures of our days.  I've been thankful for: 

(1) a get-together with friends to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day, (2) spending time with two of my daughters at Universal Studios, (3) introducing my daughter to one of my friends who also has sphynx cats
(4) being able to take dinners to people who were recovering from surgeries
(5) a clean aquarium
(6) my parents' 53rd wedding anniversary (and my grandson's 1st birthday)
(7) going to the temple with John
(8) spending time with my daughter and grandchildren at the zoo
(9) my association with the women in church
(10) John.  We share thoughts, hopes, and dreams.  And sometimes we share emergency response events--like the one tonight, which suddenly changed the focus of the post.

We were driving home from our date.  We were in the carpool lane, when we suddenly heard a motorcycle approaching, engine revving. I glanced out my window to see who was coming up so quickly, and what I saw was a motorcycle on its side, sliding right beside our car, with no rider on board.  A glance in the side mirror revealed a figure in the road.  We brought our car to a stop.  The motorcycle stopped next to our car.  I quickly dialed 9-1-1, and John ran back to check on the rider.  Thankfully, he was alive and in pretty good shape, considering that he had just been thrown off his bike and landed on the hard road.  After I spoke to the dispatcher, I also went back to check on the young man.  I called his mom for him. (Well, I tried--it went to voice mail, so I just left my name and number. I made sure to leave her number with the police when they showed up and dismissed John and me.)  Thankfully, Christian (that is the rider's name) was dressed appropriately for motorcycle riding. He had on a helmet and leather pants, jacket, and gloves. Thankfully, he seemed to be able to move all his limbs (though we all encouraged him to just stay still until paramedics arrived). Thankfully, his skidding motorcycle traveled a straight path between vehicles, and I don't think it actually hit anyone. I didn't see what happened, but according to Christian, a vehicle attempted to cross the double yellow lines of the carpool lane while he was splitting lanes (splitting lanes is legal here in CA for motorcycles). I'm not sure who hit whom, or if there was even a collision, as the SUV driver wasn't around, but whatever happened, it could have been much, much worse.  Thankfully, it wasn't.  Thankfully, even though the driver of the SUV didn't stick around, many other people did stop, and many people called 9-1-1.  Thankfully, police, fire, and paramedics responded quickly and efficiently.  

Be careful out there, folks.  Watch out for motorcyclists.  Don't cross double lines.  Hug your loved ones.  Pray for Christian.  

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Six Sentence Story: Back

I love the challenge of Ivy's Six Sentence Stories, and I especially like trying to write a story based on true events.  Some of you might remember this incident from a year ago when I went to help my mom. This week's prompt is "back."

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ten Things of Thankful: Summer/Fall Transition

Though it's not officially fall yet, normally after Labor Day I mentally shift to autumn, even if the weather still says "summer." This year is different; while oldest daughter is here between her law school quarters, we're acting like it's still summer.  I keep telling myself that when she goes back to school then I'll settle into a routine.  We'll see. . . .

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ten Things of Thankful: And They Ran and Ran and Ran Edition

John and I met a goal today:  we finished our first half-marathon!  

Photo:  John and I, holding a sign with our time (2:34)